3 Reasons Eco-Friendly Packaging is Embraced By Restaurants

September 15, 2020

  1. Food and packaging waste can cut into your profits
  2. Sustainable practices promote customer loyalty
  3. Stand out by embracing eco-friendly options like minimal design and reinventing the meal kit

Today’s consumers care about the planet and expect the businesses they frequent to do the same. By embracing eco-friendly practices in your restaurant, you can reduce waste and appeal to sustainability-minded consumers. In fact, 70% of millennials and 72% of Gen Z adults said they’d be willing to pay extra for to-go orders to cover the cost of upgraded packaging. More restaurants are turning to eco-friendly, wholesale restaurant supplies, packaging, and utensils. Here are the top reasons for ditching the plastic for some more earth-conscious options.

How Can Eco-Friendly Food Packaging Benefit Your Restaurant? 

Did you know sustainability practices can improve your restaurant's bottom line? From saving on food waste to driving long-term customer loyalty, check out how sustainable food packaging trends can increase profitability.  

1. Food and Packaging Waste Reduction 

Some estimates show that restaurants in the U.S. account for 22 to 33 billion pounds of food waste in a year. Not only does food waste have a negative environmental impact, but high food waste numbers cut directly into restaurant profitability

Luckily, many restaurant owners have made reducing food waste a primary concern. By embracing concepts like in-house composting programs and redesigning menus to reduce spoilage, restaurants are helping pave the way to a better planet. However, sustainability doesn't just begin and end with the food chain. 

To further your pledge to positive environmental practices and save on your bottom line, it’s important to also think about your packaging products. Most traditional to-go packaging is designed for single-use and made from materials that are harmful to our environment. Making the switch from plastic to eco-friendly packaging can have a profound positive effect on your brand and the earth. Source your sustainable packaging from your wholesale restaurant supplier to ensure high quality as well as take advantage of competitive prices. 

2. Promotes Customer Loyalty

Modern customers are choosing to spend their dollars at establishments that demonstrate a commitment to bettering the environment. With the rising restaurant trend of takeout and delivery meals, it’s more important than ever to show your customers you take sustainability seriously. 

Studies show that 51 percent of American diners use delivery services for their meals. That means some of your most valued customers might only be familiar with your food and brand from the comfort of their own home. Offering eco-friendly and reusable to-go packaging communicates to your delivery customers that your restaurant cares about environmental issues. Once they make that connection, they are more likely to order from your establishment again. What’s more? The majority of diners are happy to pay more for sustainable packaging, which allows you to maintain your bottom line. 

3. Stand Out by Standing Up for the Environment

Eco-friendly packaging creates an opportunity to keep your brand at the forefront of customers' minds. Here are just a few ways an eco-friendly packaging commitment can make your restaurant stand out: 

Embrace Minimalism: Minimalism is a hot design trend in the food industry. Extraneous packaging, overly complicated designs, and flashy materials are out. Streamlined packaging using environmentally-friendly materials is now considered chic. Share the news your restaurant is embracing the “go green” movement on your social media channels. Your customers will be sure to take notice. 

Reinvent the Meal Kit: Meal kits have been gaining popularity. If your restaurant has an in-house meal kit program, why not think outside of the box, literally, and offer some menu items in reusable mason jars. Simple salads, soups, jams, and more look enticing in clear jars. 

You can brand the lid with your restaurant logo, so your customers are reminded of your delectable meals every time they use the container. You can also encourage more sales by offering a “bottle” return program where diners receive a coupon for a future purchase when they return the jars. 

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