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Is Your Restaurant’s Brand Connecting With Today’s Customers?


August 13, 2021

Every aspect of your restaurant brand communicates who you are to your customers. The menu, color scheme, mission statement, and more all transmit a message about your establishment’s unique story. In effect, every choice you make influences how customers understand  your brand identity. This also plays a key role in securing new clientele.  According to market research company Global Web Index, 1 out of 5 young Americans say the brands they buy reflect their values, which means they view their purchase choices as a reflection of their identity. Curious to glean what the new American restaurant customer wants? Looking for savvy ways to strengthen your restaurant’s brand? Our wholesale bulk restaurant food and supply store shares details. 

What is Restaurant Branding?

As in any other business, branding is what sets your restaurant apart from the rest. A successful marketing and branding campaign cultivates a unique identity that allows the restaurant to be immediately recognizable. Beyond logos, there are a wealth of ways to create a dynamic brand:

  • Developing a unique or clever name
  • Coming up with a catchy slogan
  • Design eye-catching and innovative signage
  • Create an innovative menu
  • Stay on the cutting edge of new technologies 

However, one of the most crucial aspects of building your brand is to align with your current customer base. What’s important to diners today--especially post-pandemic--is different than even just a few years back. If you want to cut through the noise, stand out, and reach more potential customers, consider the current dining landscape and give customers what they want.

What Do Today’s Customers Want from Their Dining Establishments?

Updating branding and adjusting to customer needs doesn’t mean tossing out your existing identity. Instead, think of minor brand adjustments and menu changes as a kind of evolution. You can always retain your core mission and still meet the demands of your developing consumer base. Here are just a few examples of what the modern diner wants:

  • Safety and Technology: Since COVID-19, customers are looking for safe dining experiences. 40% of customers are looking for touch-free options when ordering and paying. Making cleaning a visible act can help bring more customers through your doors. As a recent study suggests, diners are expected to spend twice as much at restaurants that consider cleanliness a top priority.
  • Commitment to Sustainability: Customers care about our environment and are looking to spend dollars at establishments committed to sustainable practices. In fact, more than half of consumers surveyed in 2020 stated that they wanted to support eco-conscious companies. 
  • Delivery: Off-premise dining still has a significant presence in 2021 and is likely to continue. Promoting takeout and delivery options can help entice new customers.

How Restaurant Brands Can Interact with Customers

Now that you’ve thought about some of the new American diners’ interests, you’ll want to strategize marketing campaigns to maximize consumer interactions. Check out these suggestions to increase customer base without overhauling your entire concept:

  • Go Compostable: By offering eco-friendly to-go products, you can reach environmentally-focused clients. Include your sustainability commitment on all menus and social media.
  • Make a Video: Branded videos on your website can highlight your mission and connect with customers in a unique way.
  • Consider an Influencer: In 2019, nearly 92 percent of people surveyed felt that influencer marketing was highly effective. Choose your platform and build influencer marketing relationships to drive engagement. 
  • Refresh Your Menu and Web Design: Partner with your bulk food store and take advantage of industry-focused resources such as web design, menu design, and more to help strengthen branding.

Check Restaurant Tools Customized For You

Looking for help with your brand redesign? At US Foods CHEF’STORE, we have everything you need and more! Update your menu design, website design, and more with our service tools. If you have questions relating to branding and connecting with customers, reach out to our team today.


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