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Browse our FAQ section to find out answers to common questions regarding our new partnership with US Foods CHEF'STORE™.

Can I use my US Foods® Billing Terms at a US Foods® CHEF'STORE®?

Not at this time. We are working toward accepting US Foods® delivered customer terms, but this functionality will not be available at the time we change our name. 

Will CHEF'STORE® be accepting EBT/SNAP?

CHEF'STORE® will not be accepting EBT or SNAP benefits. 

Will I still be able to use my Smart Foodservice charge account?

Yes, your house charge accounts will still be accepted after the name change to CHEF'STORE®. 

Will my Smart Foodservice resale card work at CHEF'STORE®?

Yes, your card will continue to work at US Foods CHEF'STORE®. In the coming months you will receive an updated replacement card. Both will continue to work at your local CHEF'STORE®. 

Will the prices at CHEF'STORE® be going up?

CHEF'STORE® will maintain our current pricing models.

Can I get the same brands through CHEF'STORE® as I get delivered through US Foods®?

Many of the same brands will eventually be available through the CHEF'STORE® channel. You may have already seen some items with the Glenview Farms® and Monarch® labels on our shelves. 

How do I sign up for delivery through US Foods®?

That's easy! You can visit their website here or you can contact your local store manager and they will set you up with a representative to discuss delivery. 

Will I still receive emailed specials when you switch from Smart Foodservice to CHEF'STORE®?

Yes, we will still maintain all of the same communications that we always have. If you aren't currently receiving our emails you can sign up here.

How can I follow CHEF'STORE® on social media?

Our handles will switch over to @usfchefstore on all major platforms. 

Will my CHEF'STORE® location change their hours of operation?

We will maintain the same hours of operation, including our business only hours. 

Can I receive CHEF'STORE® pricing through my delivered orders?

CHEF'STORE® pricing is valid in-store only. Please contact your US Foods® representative for your specific delivery costs. 

Will my CHEF'STORE® invoices show up in my billing from US Foods®?

In the future, they will. At this time customers are still offered the Receipt Manager combined with a customer resale card to track transactions at their CHEF'STORE® location. 

Can I return products purchased through US Foods® to a CHEF'STORE® or vice versa?

No, products purchased at a CHEF'STORE® or through delivery still need to be returned to the original supplier.  

Can I special order US Foods® delivered items to my CHEF'STORE®?

Some US Foods® Exclusive Brand items are already available at CHEF'STORE®. You will need to work with your store manager, as not all US Foods® items will be available at CHEF'STORE®. 

Where can I download an updated W9 Tax Form?

You can download a W9 Tax Form directly from our website.

Where do I make my payments to for my Smart Foodservice line of credit?

You can take a look at our letter here or a copy of this letter will be sent out to all customers with a line of credit as part of our rebranding. 

View our press release 

Our press release can be seen here.