6 Steps for Organizing a Neighborhood Block Party

February 24, 2020

Neighborhood block parties are a fun way to get to know your neighbors, eat some classic BBQ, and connect with your community. Why not start a tradition in your neighborhood and plan a block party? Check out these tips for how to plan a block party.

Party on the Block

Our restaurant food suppliers share their tips for organizing an entertaining day. US Foods CHEF'STORE shares tips on logistics, menu planning, activities, and more.

Manage Your Timelines

The first step to planning your block party is to pick a date. Make sure it’s one that works best for all of your neighbors. Once the date is solidified, create a timeline to make sure you are prepped for the party:

3 months before: 

  • Form a Block Party Committee. Divide up necessary duties, such as permits, invitations, food, clean-up, etc.

1 month before: 

  • Send out your invitations. You may want to include your local police and fire departments. 
  • Make sure you have finished applying for all necessary permits. 
  • Secure any equipment you might need like tables, tents, sound, etc.

1 week before: 

  • Publicize the party with flyers and social media. 
  • Confirm all permits, insurance, and necessary equipment are in order.

Basics to planning a block party

Once you have your date secured and your timeline penciled in, it’s time to start planning your block party!

1. Permits and Insurance

Depending on where you live, you might need both special event insurance and city permits for your block party. Check in with your local government and see what they require and if there are any restrictions. For example, some cities don’t allow the use of grills on public property, so make sure you know all the ins-and-outs of your permitting needs prior to planning menus or activities.

2. Make it a Theme Party

Having a theme sets the tone for your party, and can make it easier to organize menus and decor. Planning a midsummer, day-time party? What about a breezy beach theme? Planning an evening block party? Why not a camping theme with mini-s’mores stations? Have everyone in the planning committee pitch some ideas and then pick the theme together. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.

3. Create a Fun Menu

Get creative with your menu and make sure you have food and beverages for all age groups. You can stay traditional and stick with burgers and dogs, or play around with some new interpretations of the classics. You can even tie your food and beverage menu to your theme.  

Want to make impressive dishes but still keep costs down? Stop by your local wholesale restaurant supply stores. You can find a variety of bulk food supplies from affordable premium meats, to healthy products, to fresh produce. 

4. Plan Activities

Since your block party will be filled with people of all ages, it’s important to have plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained. Face painting, sidewalk chalk art, and three-legged races are great for the kiddos. Giant Jenga, scavenger hunts, and Twister are perfect for any age. Again, think of your theme and what games might fit best. 

5. Safety First

Establish some ground rules for your block party to ensure everyone is safe and comfortable. You can include them in the invites and keep them handy the day of the party. Identify which houses are “open,” and which are not. You might want to put up large ribbons signifying which homes are accessible so there isn’t any confusion. 

6. Clean Up

To make clean-up easy after the party has died down, make sure you have lots of  trash cans, recycling bins, and lighting throughout your block party. Get together a clean-up crew to help break everything down at the end.

Block parties are a great way to mingle with your neighbors, friends, and family. With a little planning, you can enjoy a casual, relaxed fun-filled day with your community. 

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