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Deli Meats

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Cold cuts aren’t just for sack lunches anymore! From NYC-style grinders to snack platters to brunch tortes and more, deli meats are versatile and tasty. At US Foods CHEF'STORE, you’ll find whole and pre-sliced meats for any dish. Shop our complete line of smoked meats, deli favorites, cured specialty meats, hams, bacon, and sausage selections. Whether you’re grilling, frying, or serving a platter selection, we have the quality products you need to fill out your entire menu.

Extensive Bulk Deli Selections for Every Occasion

Caterers, food cart operators, deli owners, and more visit CHEF'STORE to take advantage of our premium deli meat selection. We stock the best in sandwich staples, including sliced smoked turkey, honey ham, roast beef, and pastrami. Searching for meatless options? You’ll find everything from Field Roast to tofu-based delicatessen basics. Chefs and wine bar operators stock up on gourmet, imported cured and smoked meats, like salami, prosciutto, and pâté to build exquisite charcuterie boards. Breakfast diners love our selection of bacon, hams, and poultry to lend bold flavors to hash, eggs Benedict, and scrambles. 

Fresh Wholesale Deli Meats and Food Supplies for Restaurants

CHEF'STORE offers top-notch deli necessities for anyone wanting to score excellent products while saving on food costs. If you are shopping for additional bulk food and restaurant supplies to round out your menu, our departments carry everything you need. From sliced cheeses to standard and unique condiments to eco-friendly to-go containers, CHEF'STORE supplies all the restaurant essentials under one roof.