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Charge purchases at CHEF'STORE to your US Foods Account


Charge to Account lets US Foods® Delivery customers simplify their CHEF’STORE® purchases at checkout.

Arriving Fall 2023

  • Take advantage of any applicable tax exemptions at register, based on established terms
  • Simplify the books with just one account for your operation’s purchases
  • Purchases receive the same payment terms as established through US Foods

Its Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Visit your local area CS
  2. Show the QR code from your Moxe app at checkout
  3. Enjoy your purchased items and return back to your business

For more information about your account and eligibility, contact your Territory Manager/Account Executive from US Foods.


Full details below:

At US Foods, we strive to serve all our foodservice operators, from coast to coast, big or small. From delivery services to shopping in our CHEF’STORE, we have the products and services to help your business. Building an omnichannel experience for our customers is paramount and the charge to account program is an important component for enhancing our customer’s shopping experience.

To that end, existing US Foods Broadline customers will have the ability to shop at a local area CHEF’STORE and charge purchases back to their US Foods account. To receive terms from your US Foods charge to account, you will be required to present your unique account QR code found in the MOXe app.

Make sure you have the MOXe app downloaded and accessible. Contact your Territory Manager / Account Executive for any question. The charge to account service is not a new charge card offer or a deferred billing offer, but an extension of services across all US Foods channels. 

Once your charge to account information has been verified at a CHEF’STORE register by a scanned and accepted QR code from the MOXe app, established tax exemptions will automatically be applied, and charging the purchase to your account will be an available option and established terms will be applied. 

IMPORTANT:  If unable to produce an accepted QR code from the MOXe app at the time of transaction in the CHEF’STORE, you will not be authorized for charge to account nor receive the established US Foods broadline terms. Thus, you will be required to pay with another form of payment for your items at the point of sale. Payments can be made with the following forms of payment: cash, check, gift card, debit, or credit card.

Should you have any payment or account questions, please contact your US Foods Territory Manager / Account Executive.

In Summary:

Broadline customers can shop in a US Foods CHEF’STORE and charge purchases to their business account. Customers will be required to verify their account information via the MOXe app in order to utilize this charge to account service.

All purchases and invoices, whether through delivery or in a CHEF’STORE, will continue to be available for review through the customer’s online portal.

Timeline for Functionality Rollout:

  • Early Fall of 2023.

Please reach out directly to your US Foods Territory Manager / Account Executive should you have further account questions or to learn more.

Thank you for being a valued US Foods customer and we look forward to serving your business needs.