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Plan Your Special Event

Catering Supplies and Event Tools

Planning an event requires a savvy attention to detail. Menus need to be developed, catering and service equipment need to be decided upon, and wholesale food, beverages, and supplies need to be acquired. On top of that, someone has to spend hours coming up with the correct quantities and then go shopping! 

As any professional event manager can tell you, the entire process can be laborious. At US Foods CHEF'STORE, however, we’ve taken the guesswork out of party planning. Whether you are organizing a breakfast fundraising event for your community or arranging a lavish wedding, CHEF'STORE’s online event planning services can handle all the food, beverage, and supply details for you.

Event Planning Tools for Caterers

Are you a career caterer looking to save time on shopping lists and menu logistics, or a first-time event planner for a family affair? Let CHEF'STORE help you plan your event. From brunches to weddings to baby showers and more, our event tools can help you organize all your catering supplies and wholesale food needs in one place. 

Here’s how it works:

Simply log into the CHEF'STORE website, select your event type, and enter your guest count. You’ll be instantly presented with an itemized list of supplies with approximate costs. Just save your grocery list, print it out, and take the info with you to do your event shopping. Afraid you might forget something? Not to worry! Your customized list includes additional and essential items you may need to make your event a smashing success!

Save Time and Money by Planning the Menu for Your Event

CHEF'STORE is committed to providing customers with all the tools they need for any menu or event.  Shop our exceptional wholesale food store and restaurant supply products at competitive prices.