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3 Advances in Food Safety Technology for Restaurants

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July 01, 2021

Food safety has always been a priority in the restaurant industry. Chefs and servers go through rigorous training to ensure they follow all food hygiene guidelines and stay up-to-date on safety protocols. Since COVID-19, restaurant owners have become even more transparent about their food safety measures. Establishments are also turning to technology to help them streamline safety processes, reduce human error, and boost productivity.

It's predicted that by 2030, automation will have a massive presence in the food industry.

Top Tech That Monitors Restaurant Food, Beverages and More

It’s predicted that by 2030, automation will have a massive presence in the food industry and the overall supply chain. However, in many restaurants across the U.S the future is already here. Establishments are implementing technology to boost quality control and improve safety. If you’re looking for the best technology to manage your food safety check out these three automation advances and download our food safety checklist below:

1. Automated Temperature Monitoring Systems

Keeping food out of the danger zone and consistently monitoring for safe temperatures is part of a restaurant’s daily routine. However, there is always room for human error that could lead to potential problems like foodborne illness.

As restaurant managers and owners know, any customer getting sick from improperly handled food can have consequences. Luckily, foodborne illness is 100 percent preventable as long as stringent safety measures are in place, which is where technology can help. Refrigeration and temperature monitoring systems provide precise calculations and communicate temperatures in real-time.

In addition, these systems can:

By tracking temperatures throughout the day, establishments can ensure food is stored and served at proper temperatures, mitigating contamination and preventing food loss.

16 percent said they would buy from another brand instead of repurchasing from a brand that had a safety recall.

2. Food Traceability Software

Similar to foodborne illnesses, food recalls can prove bad for business. Of polled consumers, 16 percent stated they would purchase another brand instead of repurchasing from a brand that had a safety recall. 

Food traceability is one of the most important factors in food safety management. Tracking a particular food product from its origins to the plate helps pinpoint problems in the event of illness or food recall. Commonly used by large distribution companies, food tracing software has now started to make its way into the restaurant realm. This intelligent software allows owners to track internal aspects of food safety, like managing records of bulk grocery orders, communicating allergen warnings, and maintaining food and health requirements. There are many different options on the market designed to track product ingredients, monitor safety standards, and more!

3. Digital Checklists

While restaurants have been using cutting-edge technology for years, sometimes employees and managers still utilize pen and paper to track and complete daily food hygiene regimen. While typical, this method of recording essential HACCP certification and performing internal audits isn’t without problems. 

Paper records can be misplaced and become damaged, and managers don’t have immediate access to data if they are away from the restaurant. That’s why some restaurants are turning to mobile apps and digitizing checklists to stay on top of their food safety audits.

Employees can effortlessly complete their checklist tasks via an app. This allows managers to receive notifications and track safety behavior patterns. Digital food safety checklists can also:

  • Be used to schedule food safety inspections
  • Produce internal reports in real-time
  • Monitor operational compliance
  • Immediately correct a safety violation via the mobile app

Having food safety information at an employee’s fingertips provides valuable information at any time.

Download Our Food Safety Checklist

Restaurant Food Safety Checklist

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