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9 Apps That Streamline Restaurant Operations

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August 13, 2020

As a busy restaurant owner, you have a lot on your plate. From tracking staff hours, to food costs, to marketing plans, it’s easy to lose sight of your bottom line. If you find yourself looking for modern solutions to help manage your restaurant, you are in luck! With restaurant task management apps, you can streamline operations on the go through your smartphone. 

How Can Restaurant Task Management Apps Benefit Your Restaurant? 

Did you know you can take charge of your business operations from a simple app? There are tons of apps devoted to getting your restaurant organized and managing your cash flow effectively. Not sure what’s the best for your business? 

Our local restaurant supply warehouse has compiled nine of the best tech platforms out there. 

1. 7shifts 

Balancing employee schedules and tracking labor expenses can be time consuming. With 7shifts, you can manage your employee schedules and keep an eye on labor costs through their easy-to-navigate app. It comes equipped with a labor cost calculator, can seamlessly integrate in your POS system, and allows you to communicate with your crew. 

2. Avero 

Using Avero is like having an entire business analysis team at your fingertips. This app works with your current POS system, pulls all the crucial data, and then generates straightforward reports to help you enhance your restaurant’s performance. You can track everything from daily sales, server performance, wholesale restaurant supply purchases, inventory, and more! It's also perfect for new restaurant owners looking to take charge of opening costs.  

Tools to enhance and track your restaurant's performance.

3. BevSpot 

Restaurant owners know how important beverage costs are to the bottom line. BevSpot helps keep beverage costs in check by managing inventory and recording sales. You can also use the app to chart food costs. 

4. Bonusly 

A happy employee means a high-performing employee, which is great for business. Show your staff some love with rewards through the Bonusly app. Managers, owners, and fellow employees can send points to individual staff members. Those points translate into gift cards and other prizes.   

5. Buffer 

Savvy social media marketing is crucial for increasing traffic to your restaurant. Staying on top of modern marketing campaigns, however, can be challenging. That’s where Buffer comes in. You can control all your social media accounts through their app. Their platform allows you to easily schedule posts, publish content, and get insight into marketing analytics. 

6. DineTime 

Manage reservations, gauge wait times, and track to-go orders with DineTime. This app also allows customers to easily book a table, view wait times, and learn more about your establishment. You get the bonus of customer and service analytics to help better your business practice.   

Technology can easily help track your to-go orders.

7. EverNote 

As a restaurant owner, you have a lot of moving parts that need your attention and multiple tasks to manage throughout the day. EverNote gives you the ability to house all your important notes in one app. You can easily jot down an idea, create a to-do list on the fly, and record voice memos. What’s more? You can add on a team account, so everyone has access to pertinent info.   

8. Feedly 

Staying up to date on restaurant trends is crucial to stay on the forefront of foodservice. With Feedly, you have a world of industry specific info, from blogs to publications and more, available in a streamlined app. Plus, you can choose the specific type of content that you are interested in. 

9. Zenefits 

Streamline your human resources department with Zenefits. Their platform allows you to create employee manuals, process payroll, track time off, and manage benefits. Employees can access their records and make changes to personal information.  

Looking to Streamline Your Wholesale Restaurant Supply Delivery? 

US Foods CHEF'STORE offers all our products, from fresh produce, choice meats, and restaurant supplies, for delivery through our trusted third-party partners, Instacart and Shipt. What’s more? We can also help you track and manage your orders through our own online ordering platform, Click&Carry.  

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