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Exciting Beverage Trends to Put on Your Menu in 2022

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January 07, 2022

A cutting-edge beverage program is one of the best ways to boost revenue and create buzz around your bar or restaurant. Cocktails have high profit margins and low investments when correctly priced. Guests also love alternative options to dairy and alcohol, which could mean even more people flocking to your restaurant or bar. If you want to cash in on beverage trends, check out some of these up-and-coming beverage trends predicted for 2022!

Popular Drink Trends to Watch For

Beverages in 2022 are pushing past convention and challenging the ways we think about drinks both in and outside restaurants. From the trend of non-alcoholic options to bold flavor profiles, the future of beverages promises to be innovative, exciting, and profitable.

Up-and-coming beverage trends in 2022.

Dialed-Down Spirits

Some people are drinking less hard alcohol as they become more health-conscious consumers. Studies show that low and no-alcohol consumption is expected to increase 31 percent by 2024increase 31 percent by 2024. However, while some customers might scale back their booze intake, it doesn’t mean they aren’t looking for an impressive cocktail experience when dining out. Fabulous mocktails are still popular, but restaurant-goers will be craving more innovative flavors like cardamom, celery, and even green tea.

Distilleries and other beverage companies are also producing alcohol-free spirits, including zero-proof gin, whiskey, and tequila. What makes these products so appealing is they taste like the real thing. Plus, bar and restaurant owners can still offer their regular cocktail menu with alcohol-free options. That means you can keep your standard stock of wholesale bulk beverage mixers behind the bar and not have to spend unnecessary money on extra ingredients.

Nut Milks

Vegan lifestyle trends will continue in 2022 and global plant-based consumerism is predicted to reach $14.9 billion in sales by 2027. While soy, rice, and oat milks have reigned supreme as go-to dairy alternatives in the past, expect to see more nut milks on café and restaurant menus. Not only do these dairy-free kinds of milk provide luscious mouthfeel and subtle flavor, but you can use them for everything from lattes to cappuccinos to Italian sodas. You can even serve them just plain ‘ole straight up! Plus, they provide nutritional benefits as well.

Sparkling Water

Refreshing, light, and effervescent, sparkling water has been a perfect substitution to standard still water at restaurants for decades. However, the recent bubbly water craze has Americans consuming copious amounts at unprecedented rates. During 2020, sparkling water purchases were up 18.7 percent and are expected to be a rising drink trend in 2022 and beyond.

Bold Cocktail Rims

Today’s cocktail drinker is looking for more than just a salt rim for their margarita. Libations are getting new flavor profiles not just in the glass but also around it. Expect to see off-the-wall spice rims like Tajin, togarashi, and smoked salt. Champagne cocktails are getting some sweet treatment as well with rose petal sugar.Your average Lemondrop can be elevated with some rosemary or basil sugar to incorporate savory elements along with the tart notes of lemon. Explore your kitchen’s spice pantry and see what bulk items you have on hand that can translate into an ingenious beverage flavor profile for your guests.

Hard Seltzers

Low in alcohol, but high in bubbles and flavor, hard seltzers have taken the country by storm. Our current bubbly booze drinks are more high-brow and boast a wealth of exciting flavors like pear yuzu, blackberry, and even blood orange chili. Some stats show that 40 percent of current hard seltzer drinkers were once more die-hard cocktail drinkers. Having some on hand can increase your bar orders, but hard seltzers also make for some killer cocktails, like an Aperol spritz or gin rickey.

Take Away Beverage Kits

In 2022, restaurants are looking to embrace multiple revenue streams, like offering delivery, to keep profits up. Much like how meal kits have been soaring in popularity, drink kits are picking up speed. If your bar or restaurant is famous for its handcrafted cocktails, homemade simple syrups, and gorgeous garnishes, consider adding a to-go cocktail kit for your patrons to enjoy at home. 

Note: Be sure to check your state’s package liquor sales law before you start offering drinks to-go.

Buy Bulk Beverages from US Foods CHEF’STORE

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