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Cambro® Containers: Increase Profits and Reduce Food Waste

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December 14, 2021

Restaurant professionals know that Cambro food storage containers are top-of-the-line when it comes to everyday kitchen equipment. They are durable, stackable, and designed for heavy-duty use. However, Cambro products go beyond just keeping your meal prep organized. Their entire line of kitchen storage solutions can help you preserve food and reduce food waste, which helps retain profits and keep food costs in check. 

Food waste is a reality in most kitchens. In fact, the restaurant industry generates around 11.4 million tons of food waste per year. Tossing out food not only has a serious impact on the environment, but wasted food is burdensome on businesses. It can skew food costs, cause restaurants to run low on crucial ingredients, and impact customer satisfaction. Implementing proper food storage techniques and utilizing Cambro’s full line of storage containers make a difference in food spoilage and shortages. Now is the time to get your food receptacle systems in place to maximize your revenue.

Use Cambro Containers to Help Mitigate Food Waste and Increase Safety

All food will eventually break down and begin to go bad; however, maintaining proper storage can extend the life of most ingredients. What causes food to spoil, and how can Cambro kitchen storage containers help?

Common Causes of Food Spoilage in Kitchens

Food spoilage in kitchens often arises from a combination of factors that affect the quality and safety of food. Improper storage, where items are not kept at appropriate temperatures, can encourage bacterial growth and reactions leading to food going to waste. Other factors that impact food quality include:

  • Air exposure
  • Temperature
  • Time
  • Damage
  • Pests
  • Microorganisms
  • Naturally occurring enzymes

Cambro Food Storage Containers With Lids Prevent, Air, External Damage, and Pests

Cambro has designed a variety of tight sealing lids for their line of storage containers that help maintain freshness without affecting your product. They seal more effectively than plastic wrap and can keep your food safe from external elements like rodents, insects, and contamination. Plus, they can extend the life of your ingredients.

Seal Covers:

Food container seal covers provide an effective barrier against moisture and air, preserving the flavor and quality of your stored goods. These snug-fitting covers are designed with a unique inner seal that helps extend the shelf life of prepped food up to 3 days. They are made to fit CamSquares and Camwear® Food Pans perfectly.  Their easy-to-use design and durable materials make it a must-have for anyone seeking to extend the freshness of their food.


Made to pair with Camwear® Food Pans, these lids are engineered with a molded-in polyurethane gasket that prolongs freshness, flavor, and quality. Cambro GripLids® offer a practical and secure solution for your food storage. Their unique design ensures a tight seal for easy handling, reducing spills and contamination risks in busy kitchen environments.

Cambro Draining and Colander Systems to Reduce Spoilage

Keep your produce crisper for longer and your proteins safe by avoiding contact with excess moisture or cross-contamination. Cambro drain pans and colanders can separate liquids from prepped food, which means less bacteria and microorganism exposure.

Colander Food Pans:

Cambro colander food pans present a convenient way to drain and contain foods simultaneously, streamlining your food preparation process. These specialty-designed food pans fit Camwear® Food Pans and High Heat H-Pans™. Residual liquids drain into the pan, preventing spoilage by alleviating product sitting in drippings, water, and other damage-causing dampness.

Drain Shelves:

Cambro drain shelves are designed to improve the functionality of your food storage systems. They create an efficient draining environment for washed produce or defrosting frozen items. Also made to work with Camwear® Food Pans and High Heat H-Pans™, these drain shelves elevate your ingredients up and away from pooled liquid. Plus, this product is compatible with Cambro seal covers.

Camwear® Box Colander Kit:

This impressive kit comes with all your food storage needs and improves food preparation by enabling seamless draining within Cambro Camwear® food boxes. It includes one 8” deep colander, one 18"x26"x9" Camwear® Box, and one Sliding Lid.

Promote Kitchen Safety with Cambro Materials and Business Tools

In addition to keeping food fresh, Cambro products help restaurant owners fight food-borne illnesses by keeping food safe. Do you need help updating your food safety program? Cambro assists establishments with their food safety regimen through their very own StoreSafe Store Fresh® program. StoreSafe Store Fresh’s comprehensive platform brings together Cambro products, training, and processes to enhance restaurants’ HACCP compliance. Want access to Cambro products and advice on the go? There’s an app for that: Keep it Fresh Cambro.

Cambro Products Keep Food Safe and Extend Freshness

Are you a chef or restaurant owner looking to preserve your food quality, reduce food waste, and sharpen your food safety while maintaining profits? Then look no further than Cambro, your go-to for professional equipment and valuable resources. At US Foods CHEF’STORE, we are proud to carry all of Cambro’s most loved essentials.

Cambro Food Storage Container Types

Cambro food storage container types.

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