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CHEF’STORE Annual Charity Fundraiser

October 20, 2021

*Update November 10, 2021 with your support we were able to raise $172,000 for local food banks in the communities that we serve. 

At CHEF’STORE, supporting our communities is at the heart of what we do. We have a deep history within the foodservice industry with a focus on supporting independent restaurant operators and home cooks alike. But, our efforts don’t stop there.

Fundraising With Feeding America

CHEF’STORE’s fundraising partnership with Feeding America began with the goal to fight hunger. Since starting the program in 2012, our teams have raised over $1 million for food banks serving every community where we have locations. Each year, CHEF’STORE has a number of initiatives to encourage our staff, partners, and communities to join us in our effort to fight hunger.

Donating Food

Each store location pairs with a local food bank of their choice. This partnership, also affiliated with Feeding America, is selected by the store and maintained throughout the year with weekly pickups of unsaleable but good food and supplies.

Donating Money

We work closely with our vendors to raise money for store partners in the form of a one-week vendor-sponsored golf tournament. Every penny raised by the tournament is distributed equally to each CHEF’STORE local food bank partner. While the golf tournament has unfortunately been on hold this past year, it is a tradition we hope to bring back in the future.

Donating Time

The third aspect that our teams donate is time. Each year, our store managers and corporate store support staff spend a day volunteering at the Oregon Food Bank repacking food to be distributed to communities. This is a great opportunity to really drive home the message and understand why we’re there and how we’re helping to end hunger in our communities. While this has also been put on pause this past year, our team is anxious to get back to this hands-on activity when we can.

CHEF’STORE In-Store Campaign

Today, our fundraising efforts, partnerships, and volunteer opportunities are still going strong. This year marks the 10th annual in-store fundraising campaign kickoff! Our in-store campaign is the final initiative our teams and communities participate in, with all proceeds staying within each local community. What’s special with this campaign is the direct involvement of our teams and customers. Recently, we assigned Charity Captains in each store to steward these efforts.

Meet Big Al

Big Al, the Charity Captain of the Klamath Falls CHEF'STORE location.

Big Al is our Charity Captain at the Klamath Falls location and has been a valued member of our team since 2008! 

Al has a personal connection with programs and fundraisers like the annual in-store challenge. “I am very passionate about giving back to the Food Bank, because when I was younger my parents had to use the program to provide food for my family.”

Al’s favorite part of the fundraiser is challenging others to help support local food banks. He has become a role model and inspiration for others to get involved. To date, he has raised around $40,000 in goods and donations. For Feeding America, $1 becomes at least ten meals! Not only does Al continually raise funds and awareness for the campaign, he also donates $300 himself and challenges others to do the same if they are able. As he says, “Now, I am able to give back to the program that helped me and my family. The annual event creates excitement for me and motivation to win the friendly competition among all of the other stores. I believe we have won every year, but one, and now I have made it my personal goal to win every year!”

How You Can Help

With more individuals and families relying on local food banks than ever before, we invite you to join us by contributing to our fundraising drive or by visiting your local food bank

This year’s in-store campaign runs from October 25th to October 31st. Visit your local CHEF’STORE location and look for the store donation flyers! Upon checking out, mention to the store clerk you would like to donate and they can scan your donation amount.

US Foods will match our customer’s donations up to $10k on opening day!