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How to Choose a New Restaurant Supplier for High-Quality Produce

December 04, 2019

Today’s customers expect their local restaurants to produce high-quality menus and serve garden-fresh produce. In order to maintain a loyal client base and reduce costs, restaurateurs should partner with dependable foodservice suppliers that offer exceptional fruits and vegetables. Responsible for providing quality meat and produce on time, that’s been stored at food safe temperatures, a reliable wholesale restaurant supplier is crucial to a profitable and productive business.

3 Common Problems Restaurants Face

Below are the top three issues restaurant owners experience with their food suppliers. If you find yourself dealing with any of the following, it might be time to consider a new wholesale restaurant supply company.

1. Inconsistent Delivery Times

Timing is everything in the restaurant industry--from proper mise en place, to cooking à la minute, a great kitchen lives by the clock. And the same should be true for your produce purveyor.

Once picked, each fruit and vegetable has a limited shelf-life, which means it needs to be delivered and prepared within specific timelines to maintain its peak freshness. If your vendor consistently delivers product late, this can affect your ability to properly prep and serve your menu items. It can also cause menu inconsistencies, if you are counting on produce that isn’t delivered. This can result in unhappy customers. If you are having problems getting top-quality produce, delivered on the agreed upon day and time, it might be time to reconsider your purveyor

2. Low Quality Produce 

There are few things more frustrating to a restaurant owner than anticipating premium produce, only to receive subpar veggies and fruits. When expectations of crisp, local Fuji apples during the height of fall are met with a box full of bruised, mealy ones, it’s in your best interest to look to other foodservice suppliers for your produce needs. 

 3. Improper Food Storage

Proper food temperature control during transportation is crucial to maintaining the longevity of produce. Extreme hot or cold temps can affect food in myriad negative ways. Heat and humidity can encourage produce to rot or grow harmful bacteria, and colder temperatures can destroy delicate foods. If you receive wilted or moldy produce, your wholesale restaurant supplier might not be transporting product in a temperature-controlled vehicle.  

Common Restaurant Problems Chart

Time for a New Restaurant Supplier?

If you’ve decided to make a food supplier switch, here are some tips to finding and hiring the best one for your needs.

1. Select a vendor with exemplary reviews and references. Look for a food supplier, like US Foods CHEF'STORE, with strong ties to the restaurant community and recommendations from fellow restaurant owners. 

2. Ensure your supplier knows the ins and outs of safe food handling and storage practices. All of our team members are well versed in proper food safety practices. From standard storing techniques, professional packaging at checkout, to helping customers load product for transport, we ensure you receive top-quality produce. 

3. Go with a wholesaler that can provide you with product when you need it, especially in a pinch. With an easy to navigate warehouse, online ordering options, and fast and friendly employees, we can have your produce ready to go at your convenience. Or if you had an unexpected rush and need to re-up on product, just stop by on the fly and grab what you need. 

4. Pick a company with impeccable customer service. As restaurant owners, you are in the business of customer service, and your vendor should be too. Operating for over 60 years, CHEF'STORE values all its customers, from regulars to first timers, and promises an exceptional customer service experience. 

US Foods CHEF'STORE Provides Fresh Produce at Wholesale Prices

Need to make the switch to a new wholesale food supplier? We inspect all our produce and stock nothing but the freshest, best product for your restaurant. What’s more? CHEF'STORE allows you to easily set up a business account and order produce for pick up at any of our convenient locations. 

Focusing on quality ingredients and expert customer service, we’re your one-stop local shop for produce, meats, and more! Explore our full line of products and place your order today.