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Cleaning Supplies May Be Costing You More Than You Think

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June 06, 2023

As a small business owner having a clear budget is essential to tracking profits. While payroll, utilities, and general operating expenses get a healthy amount of scrutiny, only some pay enough attention to their cleaning supply costs. Cleaning costs vary by company type and size. Read on for more info on typical cleaning supply prices and ways to save.

Average Cost of Cleaning Supplies for a Business

Based on data averages, a small business can expect to spend between $63 and $200 monthly. Where your company falls on this scale depends on a variety of factors. A small retail space might have fewer supply needs than an office building or independent restaurant. However, there are a few standard items every company can expect to purchase. 


Here are some of those items with typical costs:

  • Broom: $10 
  • Cleaning soaps and washing detergents: $20 a month
  • Dusting equipment: $20
  • Paper towels and disposable cleaning wipes: $20 a month
  • Rags, mops, and sponges: $20
  • Trash bags: $3 a month

Cleaning Supply Cost Factors

As mentioned, your costs may vary, so consider these factors of your business when comparing your expenses to the figures above:

  • Size and general cleanliness: The bigger the space, the more supplies you will need. Also, if the condition of your business tends toward the messier side, you’ll have higher supply costs.
  • Location: Item costs fluctuate depending on geographical location. Shipping costs, taxes, and supply and demand all contribute to the cost of cleaning supplies.
  • Traffic and company policies: Heavily traffic areas will see more dirt and will require more heavy-duty cleaning.  Also, if your company allows pets, you’ll want to have supplies on hand to tend animal-specific cleaning products.

3 Tips for Reducing Cleaning Supplies Costs

No matter how much your business pays for sanitation expenses, there are many helpful tricks to ensure you maximize your cleaning dollar.


1. Get Professional Grade: Poor-quality products can often break quickly or prove ineffective. Constantly replacing items or using twice the amount of soap to clean a space increases your overall spending. Buy professional-grade items to ensure longevity and effectiveness. Look for high-quality, heavy-duty brooms, mops, dusters, and disinfectant cleaners.

2. Go Multi-Purpose: Streamline the number of supplies to purchase and pick those that can do double, or even triple, duty! Multi-purpose cleaners are great for cleaning everything from counters to bathrooms and more.

3. Buy in Bulk: Cleaning your businesses regularly is a reality. Save frequent trips to the store and buy your supplies in bulk. You’ll reduce gas costs and reap the price-break benefits of bulk buying. Plus, having a more extensive collection of single-use items like wipes and paper towels is always helpful to have on hand.

Speaking of buying bulk, get concentrated cleaning solutions whenever possible. Potent concentrates allow you to dilute the product according to your needs.

Restaurant Supply Stores Save Businesses Money with Top Products

If you want to buy bulk, get professional-grade items, and save on costs, visit your local bulk supply store. Small businesses might not realize that businesses like CHEF’STORE stock a wealth of cleaning supplies in addition to quality food products. You’ll get great deals on everyday items like trash bags, heavy-duty cleaners, and more.

US Foods CHEF’STORE is Your Small Business Partner

No matter your industry, CHEF’STORE is here for you. We stock everything you need—from cleaning supplies, paper products, beverages, food, and more! Plus, we never require any membership or restaurant affiliation to take advantage of our competitive prices and quality items.  

Visit us today or get supplies delivered to your door

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