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Featured Holiday Recipe: Tanimura & Antle Artisan Romaine Persimmon Salad

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October 31, 2022

The team at CHEF’STORE® thanks Tanimura & Artisan for their sponsorship and for sharing this delicious recipe with us.

The holiday season is right around the corner, which means juicy persimmons are at the peak of ripeness, waiting to grace your next festive meal. These honey-flavored fruits are prized for their apricot-like texture and intense color. While we might think this winter-time fruit is meant solely for desserts, persimmons also enhance savory flavors—especially when paired with fresh, farm-grown lettuce. 


If you want to elevate your salad game and impress your guests, Tanimura & Antle Artisan Romaine is the perfect accompaniment for sweet persimmons. Tanimura & Antle cultivates the finest produce from their employee-owned farm, so their Artisan Romaine is always garden-fresh and flavorful. Their nationally recognized food safety programs, sustainable practices, and advanced automated planting techniques promise phenomenal produce every time. 

Impress your guests with this colorful holiday salad that utilizes Tanimura & Antle Artisan Romaine, persimmons, and feta.

Tanimura & Antle Artisan Romaine Persimmon Salad

Yield: 4 servings

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cook time: 10-12 minutes


Salad Components:

2 heads of Tanimura & Antle Artisan® romaine
2 medium-sized ripe Fuyu persimmons
? cup feta cheese
½  cup prosciutto pieces

For the Dressing:
3 tsp. sherry wine vinegar
1 tbsp. minced shallot
1 ½  tsp. dijon mustard
½ cup olive oil
½ tsp. salt
¼ tsp. pepper

Cooking Instructions

1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

2. Cut or tear washed Artisan Romaine into bite-sized pieces.  

3. Place prosciutto on a baking sheet and bake in a preheated oven for 10-12 minutes.  

4. Whisk together all dressing ingredients. 5. When the crispy prosciutto is cooled, break it into bite-size pieces and set aside. 6. Peel, halve, and slice the persimmons into ½ inch pieces. 7. Toss all salad ingredients in a large bowl until incorporated. 8. Drizzle ½ of the dressing onto the tossed salad and serve the remaining dressing on the side. 9. Season with salt and pepper to taste.


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