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4 Contactless Technologies Small Restaurants Need Now

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September 13, 2021

With the state of indoor dining still in flux, safe dining remains a priority both now and in the future. One of the most critical upgrades customers will be looking for in their favorite restaurants is contactless options. From mobile ordering to payment, touchless tech can improve the customer experience for diners.

Recommended Contactless Restaurant Technology

Forty percent of consumers want to view menus, order, and pay on their phone.

Last year, 45 percent of diners said they preferred contactless options for ordering and paying and 40 percent would like those options in the future. Not sure where to start? Check out these easy-to-implement tools restaurateurs should consider to meet the modern consumer’s needs.

1. Contactless Menus

It might be time to nix the standard plastic or paper menus. Instead, utilize QR codes that scan quickly via smartphone. Diners can peruse your menu and order from their own handheld device. Not only does this make the customer feel safe, but it’s not a substantial financial investment for owners. Menu updates can be made quickly and easily due to the digital format, and printing and paper fees are no longer an issue. Easily create your own QR Code with various software and integrate them with your POS and other management systems. You’ll get real-time customer data and manage inventory systems more efficiently, translating to better food cost margins.

2. Contactless Payments

A recent study revealed that 69 percent of restaurant guests feel a greater sense of security with contactless payments. This is due in part to sanitation concerns stemming from the past year. However, it is also a response to safer financial practices, as digital checkouts can reduce the chances of credit card fraud. Guests can close out their bill via text, QR code, mobile payments, or tap-to-pay. One benefit to restaurants is mobile and tap payments have been shown to increase sales. Some research indicates that customers tend to spend up to 30 percent more when using touchless payment options.

3. Digital Reviews

Ninety percent of consumers research restaurants online before deciding to visit.

Customer feedback is crucial for maintaining high standards and elevating your guest’s experience. An overwhelming 90 percent of consumers research restaurants online before deciding to visit. Honest feedback from your patrons allows you to address any service concerns, should they have a negative experience. Great reviews can also help marketing efforts the more people see posting positive feedback on your website or social media. Incorporating digital feedback options and reviews can encourage your diners to express their thoughts on the dining experience they had. QR codes can come in handy here as they can link directly to an online survey. You can also encourage guests to leave reviews on your social media pages.

4. Contactless Reservations and Check-In

More and more restaurants are relying on reservations to maintain social distancing policies and monitor capacity guidelines. To streamline reservation processes and limit contact between staff and patrons, incorporating reservation software is a must. Restaurant-specific apps allow customers to make reservations from their mobile devices. These apps also help restaurants manage reservations, predict wait times, and deliver text alerts when tables are ready to be seated.

Business Tools and Bulk Food for Restaurants

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