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Featured Recipe: Idahoan® Red & Blue Mashed Potatoes

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October 28, 2020

The team at CHEF'STORE thanks Idahoan® for their sponsorship and for sharing this delicious recipe with us.

Creamy, savory mashed potatoes without having to take all the time to peel, chop, and mash? Idahoan® knows you have better things to do with your time, especially when it comes to holiday cooking! 

Idahoan® was born in 1951 when a local group of Idaho potato growers came together and started a potato dehydration plant. 

In 1990 the company developed their innovative proprietary dehydration process that preserves the homegrown taste of potatoes as well as their texture. 

Their wide variety of products are known for their quality ingredients and homemade taste.

If you’re ready to step up your mashed potato game for your holiday meal, this recipe is for you! 

Not only does it include red potatoes, bacon, and blue cheese, you can cook it all in one pot!

Idahoan® Red & Blue Mashed Potatoes

You can shop for this recipe’s ingredients here!

This recipe is designed to feed a hungry crowd! It's perfect for a large family gathering or foodservice providers looking to wow diners this holiday season. Cooking for a smaller group? Simply cut the recipe in half.

Yield:  40 - ½ cup servings (54 #10 scoop)

Prep time: 5 mins


1 pouch Idahoan Baby Reds® prepared mashed potatoes (SWS Item #90079)

2 cups crumbled blue cheese

2 cups diced bacon

1 cup chopped chives

Cooking Instructions

  1. Prepare Idahoan Baby Reds® Mashed Potatoes according to package directions.
  2. Once they are completely rehydrated, add crumbled blue cheese, diced bacon, and chives.
  3. Stir thoroughly.

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