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Manage Customer Reviews Across Various Platforms

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June 24, 2022

A recent survey found that 79 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from their friends and family. Checking in on your online or delivery app’s consumer comments is crucial to PR management and can drive more diners to your door. However, a poor review can impact potential customers. Monitoring posts from your patrons and responding promptly can help you maintain a robust customer base. Curious to learn more about successful review management? We take a deep dive into the most common platforms and share tips for generating more reviews.

Monitoring and Responding to Online Restaurant Reviews

Each review platform, from Yelp to delivery apps, has a unique system for managing reviews. Whether you are responding to a negative review or looking to generate more customer feedback, here are a few ways to get the most out of each platform.  

How to Manage Yelp Reviews

Yelp doesn’t allow businesses to pick and choose which reviews can stay. Instead, all reviews are filtered through their algorithm, with the most relevant guest comments posted. So, if your restaurant receives a negative Yelp review, your team can’t delete the comment and move on. In addition, businesses are barred from soliciting positive reviews to adjust rankings. While these rules could be frustrating, customers flock to Yelp because the reviews are reliable and authentic. 

The best way to manage and leverage your Yelp reviews is to respond to negative and positive comments. Your reviewers can see the time and attention you put into their feedback, plus it could increase sales. A study by Womply found that consumers will spend 49 percent more at businesses who consistently respond  to reviews.

How to Manage Google My Business Reviews

Since 2018, Google My Business, or GMB, has been one of the fastest-growing review sites for local businesses. Reviews are connected to an establishment’s Google listing, allowing potential customers to see a restaurant’s overall star rating, the number of reviews to date, and review summaries from previous diners. Essentially, anytime someone performs a Google search for your restaurant, your average customer rating is instantly visible. 

Like Yelp, any negative reviews can only be removed by Google and have to adhere to specific guidelines for deletion. So, you’ll want to respond to your reviewers' comments, both positive and negative. Unlike Yelp, you can directly solicit great reviews from customers. To prompt more applauding reviews, ask patrons to leave 5-star reviews on your Google business page. You can also reach out to industry partners to leave positive reviews online.

How to Manage Facebook and other Social Media Reviews

Social media platforms allow for flexibility when it comes to managing reviews. Facebook and Instagram, for example, enable you to message a user directly. So, in terms of a negative review, taking the conversation off your page can help you mitigate bad press and resolve the problem privately. Facebookalso permits restaurant owners to turn off customer posts, which gives you more control of your page content. Keep in mind that a customer can still comment on posts you share, so be sure to keep an eye on your page’s content. 

You can take advantage of social media platforms by creating ads with your top customer comments. With 70 percent of consumers turning to Instagram to research purchases, social media ads have the potential to help restaurants increase traffic and overall sales. 

How to Manage Food Delivery App Reviews

Most third-party delivery apps have review systems embedded within their platform. Once customers receive their meal, they can be prompted to rate and comment on their experience. Most delivery apps allow you to message your customer and respond to both positive and negative reviews through your business profile. However, for some food delivery platforms, the number of times you can respond to a patron is limited. 

In terms of negative reviews, since you don't have the ability for a back-and-forth conversation, restaurants might choose to offer a discount on a guest’s next order in addition to addressing concerns.

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