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How To Improve Your Restaurant’s Bottom Line with Sustainability

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March 08, 2021

Keeping up on restaurant trends can help owners drive profits, which is crucial as consumer demands change. One of the most dynamic trends in the food business is sustainability with 57% of consumers saying restaurant sustainability influences their choices when dining out.

Food establishments embracing eco-conscious and sustainable practices have the opportunity to increase their client base and better serve the environment. That’s a complete win-win for restaurant operators.

Restaurant Sustainability Practices and Benefits

How can restaurant owners boost dine-in and takeout sales and still be eco-friendly? What other sustainable practices can restaurants embrace and improve their bottom line? Check out how to improve restaurant sustainability practices below.

1. Purchase Eco-Friendly Restaurant Takeout Supplies

Takeout has been the saving grace for most restaurants over the past several years. This trend is expected to continue. Unfortunately, the increase in disposable containers has meant more waste and higher expenses for already struggling restaurants. Investing in eco-friendly and compostable restaurant to-go containers wholesale can save on costs. Make sure you buy sustainable materials from your restaurant supply store for the best deals and consider incorporating this expense into your pricing strategy. Statistics show that most diners are willing to pay higher prices for eco-conscious items, which can help recoup some expenses.

2. Grow Profits with Plant-Based Menu Items

The market for meat alternatives has been growing for years. Industry leaders expect it to continue well into 2030. Because of the meat industry’s environmental impacts, diners are adopting a more plant-based diet and incorporating more plant-based protein into their meals. With the fluctuating cost of meat, having meatless menu options can help save on food costs and entice a new customer base. Partnering with your wholesale produce provider can preserve profits by keeping expenses low for fresh fruits and vegetables.

3. Cook Wholesale Produce from Root-to-Tip

In recent years, the cooking concept, “Nose to Tail,” has taken off. This cooking method, where all parts of the animal are used, has been praised for its positive environmental impact by reducing food waste. Many modern chefs are now taking this approach to cooking with their fruit and vegetables. In this type of preparation and cooking, vegetable scraps are repurposed for homemade stocks, beet greens are utilized for vibrant salads, and fruit is getting quick-pickled to accompany delectable cheese and charcuterie boards. Not only does this root-to-tip methodology lend itself to innovative menus, but it helps restaurants stretch their produce dollar further.

4. Go Eco-Friendly Behind the Scenes

Sustainability isn’t just about reducing food waste. Customers are paying attention to everything from water conservation to energy use reduction to recycling programs. If you are a new restaurant owner about to break ground on your first building, consider looking into green construction materials and LEED Certification

If you’re working in an established space, you can still implement sustainable restaurant practices without much investment. Plus, many of these solutions will save you on energy costs, improving your bottom line over time.

  • Use energy-efficient light bulbs
  • Install water-saving plumbing features
  • Switch to renewable-energy resources like solar and wind power
  • Landscape using native plants
  • Choose decor from recycled or ethically sourced materials

While all these operational aspects are behind the scenes, market all your sustainable practices on social media and your website to ensure your guests understand your commitment to the environment.

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