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Tech That Helps Restaurants Cope with Labor Shortages

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April 04, 2022

The foodservice industry continues to cope with labor shortages and work to boost business. In order to get through current staff shortages, restaurant owners have begun pursuing tech-based solutions. 

Some restaurant tech options allow operators to streamline the customer experience, increase efficiency, and perform with less staff. Other tech systems can help reduce staff turnover by improving employee satisfaction. 

Looking for smart solutions that can help your team and restaurant operations? Here are four pieces of technology to consider.

2 Technologies That Help Manage Staff Shortages

In an effort to combat labor shortages, nearly 50 percent of U.S. restaurant operators aim to implement new, automated technologies over the next two to three years.

While utilizing automation might seem cost-prohibitive or complicated, there are a few simple ways any establishment can take advantage of this tech without negatively impacting profits:

 Nearly 50 percent of U.S. restaurant operators aim to implement new, automated technologies over the next two to three years.

1. Online Reservation and Waitlist Systems

Free up employees from taking reservations or monitoring waitlists by utilizing online reservation programs

Tech-based booking systems allow customers to schedule, cancel, and change a reservation without having to call your establishment directly. You can also choose options to manage in-person waitlists digitally, so you don’t have to dedicate your staff members to a host-only position. 

2. QR Codes for Menus and More

Generating QR codes is a simple, accessible technology solution for labor shortages. 

Instead of having servers deliver menus to guests, QR codes allow diners to scan and download your offerings digitally without needing a special app. Plus, restaurants can integrate their menu into a payment portal system which gives guests the ability to order and pay right from their seats.

2 Restaurant Tech Options to Promote Employee Retention

Retaining staff is crucial, even without a labor shortage. Not only do seasoned employees help enhance the customer experience, reducing staff turnover can save restaurants thousands in training costs. Some stats show that training a new employee can cost a company nearly $6K

Mitigate labor shortages and save on costs by ensuring employee retention through these tech-based solutions:

Two technologies that help promote employee retention in restaurants.

1. Employee Incentive Program Technology

Keep your employees happy and productive with worker incentives. Virtual employee incentive programs like Springzy allow restaurant owners to track employee performance and reward exceptional service. These systems can set up rewards programs like cash bonuses, extra vacation days, digital gift certificates, and more.

2. Direct-Deposit Tip Pay

Real-time tip payouts can go a long way to boosting employee satisfaction, which can increase company loyalty. Companies like Kickfin can calculate tips and send the payout directly to your employees' bank accounts within seconds. Staff no longer have to wait for a cash-out, which frees managers to be more present on the floor.

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