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Devonshire® desserts are the perfect finish to any meal and are delivered to you ready-to-use. From beloved classics like apple pie to unique twists on favorites like raspberry donut cheesecake, Devonshire marries delectable sweet treats with the trends that keep your diners coming back for more.


Every menu should have a classic pecan pie on it, but Devonshire also brings Southern-style baking to another level with its sweet potato-maple layered cheesecake. Or go further south to the tropics for the passion fruit layered cheesecake. It’s proudly made with Fair Trade coconut, not unlike the Rainforest Alliance bananas and Fair Trade chocolate in the banana chocolate swirl cake. There’s a Belgian chocolate chip waffle that has the chips built in, and a campfire S’mores lava cake that makes it easy to replicate the gooey goodness without the fire and sticks. And don’t forget the bomboloni that comes empty, for you to fill with either sweet or savory fillings.


Devonshire is just one of the US Foods® brands available at CHEF’STORE®. And CHEF’STORE isn’t just for professional foodservice. We’re proud to be open to the public, offering the same great products and prices to everyone.


But, when you sign on to be a US Foods customer, you can order the high-quality products from brands like Devonshire and have them delivered right to your door, without having to come to a CHEF’STORE at all.


Find out more about Devonshire and all of the US Foods brands found at CHEF’STORE, here.

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