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Harbor Banks®


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Harbor Banks® delivers an impressive selection of fish and seafood from all over the world. And that includes shrimp from Asia and Argentina, sea clams and ocean clams, Coho salmon, and Atlantic salmon. We’ve got farm-raised and wild-caught; whether you prefer boneless and skinless cod loins to work with, or beer-battered cod nuggets to heat and serve, we have the seafood items you can work with.

The Harbor Banks line also includes an impressive lineup of battered and breaded seafood items that make serving up baskets of what people love easier than ever. From beer-battered shrimp to parmesan basil cod fries to flour-dusted sole, you’ll be able to save time and labor in the kitchen without sacrificing quality.

Many Harbor Banks items are a part of our Serve Good® program, meaning they are responsibly sourced or contribute to waste reduction. And because Harbor Banks is a US Foods® Exclusive Brand, no products contain any ingredients found on the US Foods Unpronounceables List. Clean labels and wholesale prices are what you get when you buy from CHEF’STORE®. 

CHEF’STORE is proud to be open to the public, offering the same great Exclusive Brands products and prices for everyone to enjoy at home. 

But if you sign on to be a US Foods customer, you can benefit from ordering high-quality products from Exclusive Brands like Harbor Banks from your business, and have them delivered right to your door.

Find out more about Harbor Banks and all of the US Foods Exclusive Brands found at CHEF’STORE, here.

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