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Harvest Value

Perfect solutions for consistent quality and value

Whether you run a large restaurant chain or are the chef-owner of a small independent establishment, meeting your bottom line is crucial to keeping profits. If you are searching for premium cooking essentials that don’t skimp on quality, Harvest Value is your go-to.

Get Budget-Friendly, Quality Bulk Products for All Your Cooking Needs

Save on kitchen must-haves like professional-grade vinegar and oils for grilling, frying, or dressings. You’ll also find deli standards, including mayo, BBQ sauce and other condiments, as well as exceptional soup bases. The product line doesn’t stop there, however. Harvest Value provides sliced pepperoni, mozzarella by the brick, chicken nuggets, whole canned tomatoes, fruit cobblers and more. You can stock up on restaurant staples and enjoy the benefits of bulk quantities and wholesale pricing, at costs lower than our competitors.

When you incorporate any of the US Foods® Exclusive Brands found at CHEF'STORE® into your menu, you can be confident you are getting dependable products at low wholesale prices. Don’t own a restaurant, but still want to take advantage of CHEF’STORE’s premium merchandise? We have a wide range of Exclusive Brands, including Harvest Value, that are available to anyone wishing to make exceptional food, from established chefs to home cooks.

To read about the Harvest Value Brand or any US Foods Exclusive Brands, visit our Exclusive Brands page.


Not Near a CHEF’STORE Location?

If you’re not near a CHEF’STORE location, but would still like to enjoy the quality of our recipe necessities from Exclusive Brands like Harvest Value, then become a US Foods customer. When you sign up you can receive Harvest Value and other brands right to your door. 

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