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Pacific Jade®


Pacific Jade® makes it easy to bring the flavors and dishes from Asia to your menu. Whether you just need ingredients like coconut milk to make your own marinade, sauce or curry, or you are looking for ready-to-use options like a teriyaki glaze for chicken or salmon, Pacific Jade captures the essence of Asian cuisine for you.


With so many countries and cuisines making up Asia, having a sole source for authentic ingredients and starters can help you ensure that your dishes are both authentic and consistent. There are curries from Thailand and curries from India, noodle dishes and rice dishes from China and Japan and Korea. You can count on Pacific Jade to help you bring the flavors and dishes you’re looking for to your menu.


Pacific Jade is just one of the US Foods® brands available at CHEF’STORE®. And CHEF’STORE isn’t just for professional foodservice. We’re proud to be open to the public, offering the same great products and prices to everyone.


Of course, if you sign on to be a US Foods customer, you can benefit from ordering high-quality products from brands like Pacific Jade from your business and have them delivered right to your door.


Find out more about Pacific Jade and all of the US Foods brands found at CHEF’STORE, here.

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