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Stock Yards®


Expertly cut, trimmed and portioned by our trained butchers, Stock Yards® has been providing chefs and restaurants of all kinds the perfect cuts for more than 120 years. From white-linen to casual dining, Stock Yards has high-quality beef and pork selections that work with your budget and keep your diners coming back for more.


From center-cut pork chops to ground beef to prepared burgers and sliders, you can count on Stock Yards to provide the highest-quality products that work for you. Stock Yards is also proud of their latest innovation: Tender by Design™ steaks. Developed over 15 years, Tender by Design steaks are high-quality frozen steaks that are as tender as fresh, thanks to a proprietary, cutting-edge process. This means more consistency in pricing for you and delicious steaks for your customers.


And because Stock Yards is a US Foods® Exclusive Brand, each product contains no ingredients found on the US Foods Unpronounceables List. Clean labels and wholesale prices are what you get when you buy from CHEF’STORE®.


We’re proud to carry Exclusive Brands, but CHEF’STORE is far from exclusive. We are open to the public, offering the same great products and prices to one and all.


However, signing on to be a US Foods customer means you can order high-quality products from Exclusive Brands like Stock Yards from your business and have them delivered right to your door.


Find out more about Stock Yards and all of the US Foods Exclusive Brands found at CHEF’STORE, here.

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