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Thirster® products cover a wide array of beverage categories, including juices and concentrate juice mixes, kombuchas, and plant-based beverages like oatmilk, almondmilk, and coconutmilk. Thirster lemon juice is a versatile kitchen staple that can easily be transformed into delicious lemonade, or help liven up any number of desserts.

And it’s not just fruit juices. Thirster also makes tomato and vegetable juices that are great on their own, mixed into a cocktail, or as an ingredient in a soup or sauce. There’s even an iced tea mix with lemon that saves you time and labor. Make smoothies your vegan diners will enjoy. Offer kid-friendly drinks on your children’s menu. With Thirster beverages, your drink bases are covered.

Because Thirster is a US Foods® Exclusive Brand, no products contain any ingredients found on the US Foods Unpronounceables List. Clean labels and wholesale prices are what you get when you buy from CHEF’STORE®. 

But CHEF’STORE isn’t just for professional foodservice. We’re proud to be open to the public, offering the same great Exclusive Brands products and prices to everyone. 

Of course, if you sign on to be a US Foods customer, you can benefit from ordering high-quality products from Exclusive Brands like Thirster from your business, and have them delivered right to your door.

Find out more about Thirster and all of the US Foods Exclusive Brands found at CHEF’STORE, here.

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