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5 Apps Home Cooks are Using to Cook Healthy and Save Money

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April 05, 2021

Cooking at home is increasing all across the U.S. As a response to COVID-19, and to save money and connect with the family, more meals are being made and enjoyed at home. However, home cooks face two major challenges today: coming up with easy, innovative menus for the whole family and saving money. Luckily, there are a wealth of apps for any level of home chef. Want the best tech recommendations for your family kitchen? Our wholesale food store shares some of our favorites below.

What Apps Can Help Inspire New Recipes and Streamline Buying Bulk Groceries?

Feeding a family can be a costly endeavor; however, you can help keep your grocery budget in line when you buy bulk groceries from your wholesale food store. To maximize your savings, and cut down on shopping time, incorporate some technology into your cooking routine. Read on for information on five top-rated apps that share delicious recipes, generate shopping lists, and more!  

1. Epicurious

Many of us turn to internet searches for our next family dinner. While we can glean great recipes and inspiration through a quick search, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or bogged down scrolling through recipes. 

Luckily, Epicurious has compiled some of the best dinner recipes around and packed them into one convenient app. Epicurious is available for iPhone users via their Apple Store App. If you have an Android, you can still get great quick and easy recipes, similar to Epicurious, through the All Recipes Free app, where you can search by ingredients or dish name. 

Browse their suggestions, and when you discover a meal you want to make, you can quickly generate a complete wholesale grocery list.

2. Week Menu

Meal planning is a fantastic way to stretch your grocery dollar further. Plus, it can encourage healthy eating.  Week Menu takes all the guesswork out of planning your weekly dinners. The app allows you to create your own recipe book and manually add meals from the internet or input family favorites.  While this app is available for iOS only, Android users can find the same great options from the Food Planner app.

3. CozZo

Food waste can be a big problem in home kitchens. It’s easy to lose track of expiration dates or forget what fresh bulk produce you have in the fridge. As we all know, wasted food means wasted money. That’s where CozZo comes in! 

This environmentally conscious app lets you track your food waste in an easy-to-navigate interface. You can keep a running list of your perishable ingredients and record all their expiration dates. You’ll get alerts when groceries need to be used, so you’ll waste less delicious food and money! You can also create shopping lists, manage personal cookbooks, and more.

4. Foodies

Want to act out your very own, at-home, Chopped episode? Need to come up with some creative dishes using up fridge and pantry items? Android users can download Foodies. Simply enter in any ingredients you like, and the app will generate a list of recipes that feature those items. For iPhone users, we love the SuperCook app. This recipe discovery app offers a personalized menu of recipes you can make with your available ingredients. These apps are great to use for a fun family activity. 

5. Substitutions

Substitutions is a must-have for any household needing to cook allergy-free meals. This app recommends allergy-conscious alternates for many common dietary restrictions. If you’re cooking for vegans or vegetarians, have a table full of picky kids, or looking for some interesting new ingredients to play around with, Substitutions is excellent for those situations as well. You’ll save money by only purchasing ingredients everyone can eat and encourage healthy habits by discovering veggie-based meal options.

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Healthy Grocery Shopping Hacks for Parents

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