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6 Benefits of Eating Family Dinners Together

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February 15, 2021

Eating dinner as a family provides much needed time for parents and kids to come together and feel more connected. In addition to fostering bonding time, family meals have been shown to have far-reaching benefits for everyone. Are you looking for family dinner ideas and how coming together over supper can benefit the household? Our wholesale food store supplies you with all you need to know!

What is a Good Family Dinner?

Anytime the whole crew shares a meal together is always a great family dinner! If you haven’t made eating together a tradition yet, now is the time to start. In fact, frequent suppers involving the entire household can result in higher grade-point averages, resilience, and self-esteem. Check out these six outstanding benefits of breaking bread with your loved ones.

1. Creates Family Bonds

Dining as a whole family helps deepen familial bonds. Gathering around the dinner table allows everyone to reconnect and talk about their day. It gives families time to share stories, thoughts, and feelings and spend dedicated time to listen without interruption. 

2. Teaches Healthy Eating Habits

According to a Harvard study, families that regularly enjoy dinners together are two times more likely to get their daily dose of fruits and veggies. Teens and young kids were also less likely to eat fast food and other unhealthy items. Plus, partaking in a leisurely meal together promotes slower eating, which can help reduce obesity risks

3. Reduces Screen Time 

Kids and adults alike need to detox from continually being engaged with computers and mobile devices. Increased screen time in children has been found to negatively impact their health in ways like:

  • Depression and behavioral problems
  • Higher rates of obesity
  • Decreased sleep and erratic sleep patterns
  • Diminished social skills

Focusing on dinner together, without technology at the table, can give everyone a break from being plugged in and tuned out. 

4. Boosts Mental Health and Self-Esteem 

Family mealtime improves emotional health and fosters self-esteem among kids and adolescents. It creates a sense of belonging and providing youngsters the opportunity to openly discuss their feelings.

5. Reduces Substance Abuse Risk in Teens and Young Adults 

Teens that experienced regular family meals were shown to have less tendency to try harmful substances:

  • Two and a half times less likely to try marijuana
  • Four times less likely to use nicotine
  • 50 percent less likely to experiment with alcohol 

Overall, these teens also demonstrated half the risk of addiction issues than the average teen.  

6. Saves Money 

Eating out can be spendy. However, making wholesome meals from wholesale groceries can help you stretch your grocery dollar. If you haven’t explored the money-saving options at your local wholesale supply store, start by shopping for your next family meal!

Need Effortless Family Dinner Ideas Everyone Can Help Cook?

After a long day, the last thing you want to do is to spend hours over a hot stove. Looking for easy weeknight dinners for families everyone will love? Check out these family-approved meals made from ingredients found at your local wholesale food store:

  • French Bread Pizza: Let everyone embrace their inner chef and have them craft their favorite slice. Make a toppings bar and encourage the whole family to create their perfect pizza together. For a healthy alternative, swap the French bread for whole-wheat rolls or baguettes. 
  • Mini-Chicken Pot Pies: Comfort food gets a nutritious and delicious upgrade with these petite pies stuffed with delicious veggies and chicken breast wrapped in whole wheat crust.
  • Vegetable Cannelloni: Get your daily dose of veggies with these fun cannelloni made with zucchini and gooey cheese. Kids will love to help fill and roll the “noodles” up before baking.  
  • DIY Dinners: Make food interactive with appealing food bars the entire family can participate in assembling! Baked sweet potato bars, street taco displays, and Tex-Mex chili bowls are just a few ideas! 

If you’re looking for more meal ideas, including gluten-free, dairy-free, and meat-free dinners, check out resources like The Family Dinner Project.

Wholesale Groceries for Delicious and Nutritious Family Dinners

Make family memories and save money when you shop at your bulk food stores. Spend less time shopping and more time with loved ones when you shop with us! We offer family-friendly prices on all our high-quality products, so you can feed the whole gang without breaking the bank. Let our team at one of our various locations help you take care of dinner!   

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