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5 Tips for Home Cooks Who Want to Stretch Their Meat Budget

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June 22, 2020

Sticking to grocery budgets isn’t always easy. Want the best advice on how to stock up on meat, without butchering your budget? Your local wholesale food supplier provides professional tips to help you meet your meat budget.

Maximize Your Money by Buying Wholesale Meat in Bulk

Purchasing meat from wholesale food stores means big portions and big savings! What’s more? Since these same stores supply your favorite restaurants, you know the quality is top-notch. Even if you aren’t feeding a large family, don’t worry about stocking up on bulk portions. With some simple planning and techniques from the professionals, any home chef can pile on the meat and save money. Check out these five tips to help you maximize your meat budget.

1. Plan Meals and Freeze Portions 

A great way to take advantage of bulk buying, without worrying about spoilage, is to prep out your meals and freeze them for later. Spend some time portioning out your upcoming meals for the week and pop them in the freezer. Having frozen meals that are ready to go cuts down on dinner prep and reduces food waste. 

2.  Buy Cost-Effective Cuts of Meat

Who says you have to break the bank for a delicious steak dinner? Flank, skirt, and hanger steaks are economical choices, with plenty of flavor. Although they tend to be tougher cuts of meat, slapping on a quick marinade to tenderize them and then thinly slicing after cooking transforms the steaks into succulent eats. Beef briskets, pork shoulder, and chicken thighs are also great affordable options that develop fantastic flavor when braised or roasted.

 3.  Stock Up During Wholesale Meat and Seafood Sales

Check your wholesale meat supplier for temporary price reductions or sales offerings weekly. If they have a deal on beef, pork, chicken, or seafood, snatch up as much as possible! You can always freeze extra portions for later use. Don’t forget to check your wholesale supply store for freezer bags! Pro tip: stock up on turkey, lamb, and ham after the holidays to save even more.

4.  Turn Your Kitchen Into Your Own Butcher Shop 

Take a tip from the culinary professionals and butcher your own meat. Buying whole cuts of meat and processing them into restaurant quality meals can save you money. Beef, fish, and poultry that have been cut into tenderloins, patties, or filets, cost more than the larger cuts. Purchase whole cuts and do the trimming yourself. Here are a few simple ways to embrace your inner-butcher:

  • Breakdown a whole chicken to yield perfectly portioned legs and breasts. Don’t forget to save the bones for a dynamite bone broth
  • Grind up your own beef and pork for hearty hamburgers or homemade sausage
  • Take a pork loin and turn it into everything from chops to stew meat.

Dealing with whole cuts can seem daunting at first. With some practice and simple guidance, you’ll have the techniques down in no time. 

5. Stretch Your Proteins with Creative Additions

If you are trying to stretch your portions before your next grocery trip or delivery, include fresh produce, fruit, other frozen bulk goods, or dry ingredients into your meat recipes.

  • Make meatballs and add extra ingredients like oatmeal to the beef so you use less meat. 
  • Think about making a veggie-heavy stir-fry with smaller amounts of thinly sliced chicken. 
  • Whip up some salmon cakes chock full of celery, bell pepper, and capers. 

Slice Your Meat Budget with Wholesale Bulk Food Shopping

Looking to save money on your meat purchases? US Foods CHEF'STORE supplies home cooks with choice meats at competitive prices.

Our locations offer online grocery shopping and home delivery via Instacart and Shipt. In addition to our meat, produce, and dry goods, you can also find restaurant quality knives, cutting boards, and more to complete your home chef kit.

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How To Turn a Tenderloin Roast Into Filet Mignon

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