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9 Healthy, Frozen Bulk Foods That Save Families Money

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March 22, 2021

Finding the time to prepare and cook meals every day can be difficult, staying on budget is tricky, and eating healthy takes planning. Luckily, having frozen, wholesome ingredients on hand can make your life easier when it comes to mealtime. Plus, buying bulk foods can save you big bucks on your family's groceries. Want to know the best frozen foods for healthy meals?  Read on for wholesale groceries to stock up on today!


What are the Best BULK Frozen Foods to Purchase from your Wholesale Food Store?

We all want to eat more nutritious food, but getting our daily dose of fruits and veggies is often difficult. Thanks to the ease of frozen vegetables, however, families have increased their veggie intake 14 percent since having to shelter in place.

While frozen foods have received a bad reputation in the past because they may be seen as not as fresh or even cheap, there are various fruits, vegetables, and grains that retain their health benefits while sill helping you and your family save money. Perfect for pasta, stews, breakfast, and more, these nine budget-friendly ingredients found at our bulk food stores offer versatility and flavor in your home kitchen:

  1. Broccoli: High in nutrients like vitamin C and folic acid, this vegetable is excellent simply roasted with olive oil. Make it into a creamy soup, toss it with pasta, or make savory vegetable and quinoa cakes.
  2. Brussels Sprouts: Rich in antioxidants, these little cabbage-like veggies are delicious steamed but can be grilled, baked, and roasted.
  3. Carrots: This versatile root is used in everything from sauce bases, to paleo-friendly muffins, to honey-glazed holiday side dishes.
  4. Corn: Frozen corn tends to retain its sweetness longer than when it is fresh, making it an ideal freezer staple. Plus, the options for this vegetable are endless. You can make this classic succotash and add any other frozen veggies that strike your fancy. Crock-pot corn chowder is also a healthy mealtime favorite. 
  5. Green Beans: Build healthy bones with hearty doses of green beans. Caramelize them on the stovetop for a breezy side dish. Nicoise salad, a satisfying and healthy entree for lunch or dinner, is another yummy option.
  6. Leafy Greens: Spinach, kale, collards, and chard are great to have on hand. You can cook them down with a little broth for a healthy side, add them to stews for a nutritious kick, or mix them in your frittata
  7. Mixed Berries: Berries are antioxidant powerhouses. While fresh berries are always tasty, some types pack a better nutritional punch when frozen.  They are fantastic in smoothies, stirred into yogurt, or cooked in whole-grain pancakes. Berries aren't just for sweets, however. Try them as an accompaniment to lean pork tenderloin or as an addition to a fresh summer salsa.
  8. Peas: Just half a cup of peas adds 4 grams of fiber and protein to any dish. We recommended tossing them in everything from salads to soups. You can also use them to make a unique pesto to toss with pasta or spread on whole-grain bread.
  9. Pre-Cooked Grains: Whole grains like brown rice and quinoa have significant health benefits. However, sometimes they can be time-consuming to cook correctly. Many wholesale supply stores have frozen, pre-cooked grains to use in a variety of ways. Make nourishing rice bowls with your favorite wholesale meat or seafood. For a sweet treat, try some quinoa chocolate and peanut butter no-bake cookies

The key to healthy eating from the frozen food section is to make sure you are purchasing the highest quality ingredients. Wholesale food stores often cater to discerning restaurants and chefs so you can trust their products are always top-notch, and when you buy in bulk you'll often find less expensive options than other vendors that can save you money. 

Add Premade Frozen Food to Your Grocery List

Sometimes we want a break from cooking, but still want to eat healthy on a budget. Luckily, there are plenty of premade foods that will fit within your budget that you can find at your wholesale supply store. Just be sure to inspect the packaging to understand the ingredients and nutritional value fully. Always look for whole-grain, high-protein, and low-sugar and low-salt items. Also, don't neglect to add high-quality proteins to your frozen food grocery list, there are many affordable options that freeze and keep easily. 

Buying frozen bulk wholesale meat and seafood is another savvy way to stretch your grocery dollar further. When looking for the healthiest options, consider: 

  • Lean ground beef
  • Poultry that's boneless and skinless, or ground
  • Shrimp
  • Omega-3 fatty fish like salmon

Healthy and Affordable Bulk Food Shopping at US Foods CHEF'STORE

Keep your family happy and healthy with premium products from CHEF'STORE. We are your one-stop neighborhood bulk food store for budget-friendly frozen foods, wholesale produce, fresh meat and seafood, and more. Perfect for everyday meal planning and stocking up for large family gatherings during the holidays. Visit a location near you or create an account to receive information about our specials via email and discover why we are the go-to for families and chefs who want to find great products and save money.


Bulk Frozen Groceries That Can Save Money

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