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What are the Best Ways to Find New Restaurant Employees?

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August 01, 2022

Restaurants have been navigating labor shortages since 2020, which is why establishments are looking for ways to expand their team and overcome staffing challenges. However, finding talented new recruits isn’t easy. If you are looking for advice on hiring restaurant staff perfect for your business, read on for top tips.

How to Find Restaurant Employees

According to recent statistics, 1.6 million restaurant jobs could be created by 2028. Add that to the estimated 15 million currently employed workers in the industry and it seems as if restaurant owners will need a large pool of potential employees in the future. But how do you find and keep talented staff?

Check out these recommendations:

Don’t Wait to For an Empty Position

Sometimes the perfect employee comes knocking on your door, but you don’t have an open slot to fill. Instead of encouraging them to apply at a later date when you might have more of a need, find a way to bring them on board right away. Don’t risk losing out on an exceptional crew member. 

Advertise Positions on Social Media and Websites

If a potential applicant follows you on social media or routinely visits your website, they are already a fan of your establishment. If they love your food, vibe, and existing staff, that exuberance will translate into exceptional customer service. 

Encourage applications by creating a dedicated career page on your website to announce open positions. Remember, when posting job descriptions, you want to make sure to attract the most suitable candidates for your restaurant.

  • Keep your postings clear, direct, and relevant. Include specific details about how to apply, requirements for the job, and general duties.
  • Share your company values, employee benefits, and culture.
  • Showcase why your restaurant is a great work environment.
  • Write compelling posts that stand out and grab an applicant’s attention.

Don’t have any current openings? You can always include a form for potential applicants to fill out to express their interest.

Branch Out into Different Territory

While hiring restaurant staff with relatable experience is typical when looking for a new crew, consider shaking things up a bit. If you discover an applicant that demonstrates core traits essential for the job but doesn’t have foodservice experience, give them a chance. An applicant that shows a great work ethic and is personable and enthusiastic can likely be trained in the particulars of restaurant work.

Ask Your Current Employees

Word-of-mouth is an excellent way to draw new recruits to your restaurant. So, why not reach out to your current staff and see if they have any recommendations for exceptional employees? They likely have a friend or family member that would love the chance to work for you.

To maximize the number of in-house referrals, create an incentive program that rewards team members each time they bring a new worker on board!

Utilize Restaurant-Focused Hiring Sites

There are plenty of industry-focused staffing sites that can help you reach seasoned and interested applicants. This can help you weed out candidates that might not have the skill set or passion for foodservice. 

Some online agencies like Poached and Culinary Agents require a fee to upload job postings. However, others like Good Food Jobs and Google for Jobs have free options. To reach a large staff pool, post descriptions on multiple sites.

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How to create compelling restaurant job postings checklist.

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