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Top Restaurant Job Posting Sites

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December 23, 2022

Restaurants often look for innovative ways to hire and retain staff. Hiring the best employees for your establishment is always essential and top of mind for restaurant owners and operators. Securing a good team can mean higher customer satisfaction and increased revenue. Looking for top restaurant job posting sites to help you hire exceptional team members? Here are a few of our favorite resources.

Four Websites to Hire Restaurant Employees

The restaurant industry is constantly in flux, and so are how hiring managers find their best employees. Posting effective restaurant job ads online is an easy and smart way to reach a variety of capable candidates. However, with so many recruiting sites, it’s hard to know which ones target the most seasoned restaurant employees that best fit your team’s needs.


Boasting over 1,220,000 members and 38,000 businesses, Culinary Agents has the power to reach a diverse population of foodservice professionals. Their platform is dedicated to helping job seekers excel in their hospitality careers. As a job poster, you are casting a wide net and potentially scooping up enthusiastic and professional restaurant talent. 

In addition to an excellent hiring pool, Culinary Agents provides recruiting and job marketing solutions to help establishments flourish. 

Pricing: Culinary Agents offers multiple pricing options. Their basic plan for fluctuating hiring needs include one-time payment charges per job post starting at $69 per job. Their monthly subscription plan, better for ongoing hiring needs, starts at $150 per month for four job posts.


If you’ve been working in the restaurant industry for a while, then you’ve likely heard of Poached. Their employment marketplace allows restaurant owners to post jobs for a variety of positions, including hosts, bartenders, chefs, managers, and more. Plus, their recruitment pool is often stacked with foodservice professionals looking to work in their particular field. Employers can seek permanent hires or fill an empty spot on the fly.

Pricing: As of January of 2024, posting a job listing for 30 days starts at $59 for full-time hires. For filling individual shifts, job posts cost a $39 fee per shift worked as well as a standard hourly rate.

Google for Jobs

Most of us are familiar with Google as a search engine tool. However, Google offers a unique platform for restaurant advertising. The Google for Jobs feature allows potential hires to discover careers linked to their Google search, so it’s less of a traditional job posting site. However, with 99,000 Google searches every second, you have the opportunity to capture a lot of attention. If you are looking to take advantage of this feature, there are two options:

  1. Post open restaurant positions directly on your website.We recommend adding job structured data to improve the chances of your job being shown in Google search.
  2. Post a job to third-party job sites that are participating in the job search experience on Google. 

Pricing: There is no cost for advertising restaurant jobs on Google.

Good Food Jobs

Good Food Jobs’ employment marketplace focuses on restaurant and agriculture occupations. They boast a base of over 150,000 users dedicated to food-related industries. Employers can post for positions that range from prep cooks to farm workers, marketing experts, servers, and more. All posts are live for 60 days and can be extended if needed, allowing a broad audience to see open positions over an extended period.

Pricing: Good Food Jobs has a number of pricing options. Single posts start at $75 and go up to $675 for 15 postings. However, they offer “Pay What You Can,” program that enables you to work with them directly on a price that works for your business. This option is great for businesses struggling with costs, but still wanting to hire an exceptional team. Restaurants should contact Good Food Jobs directly for payment options.

Broad-based posting sites to consider.

Broad-Based Restaurant Posting Sites to Consider

New talent is everywhere. While advertising job descriptions on food service industry-specific sites is beneficial, you can also cast a wide net by utilizing large employment marketplaces, such as:

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