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Can Wholesale Office Supplies Save Your Company Money?


April 22, 2020

Maintaining and purchasing office supplies can add up to big dollars over time. Buying wholesale office supplies, from snacks to cleaning supplies, can make a big difference to your bottom line. 

Purchasing Office Necessities from Wholesale Food Suppliers


Typically, office supplies need to be purchased frequently to ensure a full inventory. Constant purchasing can become costly and takes valuable work time out of the day. 

While average office supply costs vary, most businesses can expect to spend between $77 to $92 per employee, per month. 

To help reduce some of your office supply expenses, consider using your local wholesale restaurant supply store. Choosing bulk and wholesale supplies, like snacks, cleaning supplies, and disposables, can have a positive impact on your overall budget. 

Check out just some of the items your restaurant supply warehouse can offer: 

1.  Snacks

Everybody loves snacks and that includes your employees. What’s more? Providing snacks for your staff has far reaching, positive benefits. Having some healthy snacks on hand can help employees sustain their energy between meals. A well-stocked employee break room also means your employees can quickly zip in and grab a bite instead of heading to the store. 

While it might seem costly to offer snacks to your employees, if you purchase items in bulk, you can treat your employees without breaking the budget. It’s always a good idea to have nutritious snacks on hand. Nuts, dried fruits, whole fruit, and granola bars are perfect pick-me-ups for your peckish employees. 

Don’t be afraid to offer something sweet or salty, too. Mini candy bars, licorice, potato chips, and crackers are also great go-tos. If you want to expand your snack inventory, why not add some Cup O’Noodles, or single serving of oatmeal? You can find all of these items, and more, at your local food service supplier.

2. Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies can be costly for companies, but shopping at your restaurant supply store can save you a bundle. You can purchase bulk cleaning supplies, from disinfectants to all-purpose cleaners, for all your janitorial needs. The list doesn't stop there. You can also find:

  • Heavy duty trash bags in all sizes
  • Hand soap and hand sanitizer
  • Toiletry necessities, like toilet paper, paper towels, and toilet brushes
  • Mops and brooms

3. Beverages

Did you know that restaurant food suppliers carry a variety of beverages at affordable price points? You can easily stock up on bottled water, juices, sodas, and energy drinks for your employee pantry. If your office provides coffee for your staff, you can take care of all your caffeine fix essentials:

  • Bulk coffee and hot tea
  • Coffee filters
  • Milks, creamers, and milk alternatives
  • Sugar and sweeteners 
  • Add-ons like flavored syrups 

4. Paper Goods/Disposables

If your breakroom stocks paper and disposable goods, such as plates, cups, napkins, and utensils, you can easily find all those products at your restaurant supply store. They even carry compostable items so you can feel good about your disposable purchases, and save money. 

Shop for Your Office Supplies at US Foods CHEF'STORE

We know that purchasing office supplies takes time out of your day. You can browse our extensive product list online to easily choose the products you want to pick up during your shopping trip.

CHEF'STORE offers high-quality food at budget friendly price points, perfect for your next office party. Visit us today and start saving!

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Office Snacks Infographic

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