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5 Benefits of Instacart For Your Business

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May 13, 2024

As a restaurant owner, it’s essential to learn about all the grocery delivery options for your operation. Chances are you’ve heard about home chefs and families utilizing Instacart for grocery needs. However, did you know the delivery platform is a valuable and affordable resource for culinary professionals? It’s one of the most extensive delivery services in the country and partners with reputable bulk restaurant suppliers, which means you have access to the best quality products at manageable price points without ever having to leave the kitchen.

What is Instacart Online Grocery Shopping? 

Instacart is a premier food delivery service that gives users the ability to access food and restaurant supplies from nearby bulk warehouses.

5 Benefits Instacart Brings to Your Restaurant

If you are new to the restaurant benefits of Instacart, you are about to be amazed. In the simplest of terms, Instacart brings exceptional restaurant supplies directly to your kitchen as recurring orders or on the fly. However, its capabilities far exceed expectations.


1. Delivery Schedules to Optimize Your Orders

Instacart has an ordering and delivery window made for independent restaurants. Users can choose their delivery window based on their needs and grocery store hours when placing an order. For restaurant owners, this means they can keep track of their orders without having to spend time in-store. On the flip side, if a weekly menu special looks like it has the potential to sell out, owners can place an order to get the product delivered in as little as an hour!

2. Restaurant Supply Store Ingredients

Instacart allows restaurant owners to get ingredients and supplies from their wholesale bulk supplier. Whether you are re-upping your produce order or searching for high-quality meats and seafood, users can pick and choose the items they need without worrying about quality or paying grocery-store prices.

3. Fantastic Personal Shoppers 

Getting exceptional ingredients is paramount to delicious dishes. Instacart shoppers care about the quality of the products they procure for customers. They are well-versed in store layouts, meaning quick shopping. Furthermore, they can suggest incredible substitutions should an item be out of stock, letting you rethink menu offerings and plan for profitable substitutions ahead of time.

4. Affordable Delivery Prices

Instacart provides manageable delivery costs for every restaurant and user. Same-day delivery orders for free-account holders start at a reasonable $3.99 for orders over $35. For Instacart + members, users enjoy free delivery and other perks, which can help them save on operational costs.

5. Emergency & Fill-in Orders

Whether you operate a small business facing a sudden product shortage or a broad-line customer seeking last-minute supplies before your next delivery, utilizing Instacart's delivery service can quickly meet your needs. This convenient option ensures timely delivery of inventory, aiding in seamless operation and success.

Instacart FAQs

How Does Instacart Work?

Users download the Instacart app, search for their favorite bulk food supplier, and place a grocery order for delivery.

Where is Instacart Available?

Instacart operates in all 50 states and over 14,000 cities across the U.S.

How Do Users Sign Up?

To start your account, go to and decide which option works best for you.

Instacart offers free accounts or paid memberships, Instacart+.  Instacart+ provides users with reduced service fees and $0 delivery fees for orders over $35 and only costs $99 a year.

Get Your Favorite US Foods CHEF’STORE Products From Instacart 

CHEF’STORE supplies our culinary community with exceptional items, from fresh produce to prime meats and seafood, professional-grade cleaning products, and more! What’s more? We offer delivery with Instacart to help you get your hands on our quality supplies delivered directly to your door.

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