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10 Wholesale Meat and Seafood Products That Save Restaurants Money

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March 01, 2021

As restaurant owners know, cost reduction strategies in their establishments are crucial to trimming excess expenses, preserving food costs, and achieving  high returns. Purchasing wholesale meat and seafood from a reputable food supplier and distributor can keep costs within, or below budgets. Plus, commercial restaurant supply stores stock premium products. Want to learn more about how restaurants can save money without sacrificing quality? Read on for details.

Reduce Food Costs With These Quality Wholesale Foods

Partnering with your local restaurant supply and wholesale food store can save you money on your meat and seafood purchases, helping you to feel confident in  getting choice ingredients at competitive prices. To further save on meat and seafood prices, it’s recommended that you always purchase these ten proteins from a restaurant wholesaler. They’ll provide you with menu versatility, great price points, and help reduce unnecessary prep labor.

1. Ground Beef

It’s no question that beef prices are constantly changing. If you are looking to save on labor costs, pre-ground beef is a must. While grinding meat in-house does make sense for some restaurants, like a burger joint, it adds extra prep time and equipment costs for others. With a variety of options associated with fat content, ground beef allows you to make everything from meatballs to shepherd’s pie to hearty stews and more!

Popular ground beef items at CHEF’STORE: 

2. Brisket

This cut of beef benefits from low-and-slow cooking. Brisket often comes in two options, the point is the thicker, fattier end of the brisket, and the flat is the leaner end. Chefs can braise or BBQ brisket without having to constantly watch the clock, so labor becomes less of an issue. Some chefs also love to cure it for house-made corned beef or pastrami. It doesn’t take much time or labor to make house-cured meats, and restaurant owners can charge more for house-made specialty items.

Popular brisket items at CHEF’STORE:

3. Top Sirloin

As a cost-effective alternative to  New York strip or ribeye, turn to top sirloin as your go-to steak option. This cut of meat contains less fat, so you’ll need to marinate it and cook it properly to avoid it drying out. It makes for a flavorful skewer or kebab.

Popular sirloin items at CHEF’STORE:

4. Whole Chickens

Utilizing the entire bird can help save you on food costs. They tend to be less expensive per pound than pre-portioned cuts. You can also break down the whole chicken and use the bones for a savory stock. Spatchcocking an entire chicken is an easy way to elevate your chicken preparation. It ensures more even cooking, requires less oven time, and is a hot new trend.

Popular whole chicken items at CHEF’STORE:

5. Ground Turkey

Turkey isn’t just for holiday restaurant menus. Ground turkey makes an excellent substitution for ground beef and the price per pound is very economical. Use it to make healthy burgers, meatballs, rich Bolognese, hearty turkey sandwiches, and even turkey laap (also referred to as turkey larb).

Popular ground turkey items at CHEF’STORE: 

6. Bone-In Chicken

If you elect to purchase portioned poultry from your bulk restaurant supply store over whole chicken, bone-in thighs and drumsticks will give you the most bang for your buck. Loaded with flavor, dark meat stands up to various preparations, including braised, grilled, roasted, smoked, and slow-cooked. This allows you to transform inexpensive ingredients into stellar dishes that can command a higher price point. 

Popular bone-in chicken items at CHEF’STORE:

Bone-in chicken for restaurants.

7. Pork Chops

Pork is also a popular protein to buy in bulk. While there are several different types of pork cuts to choose from, bone-in rib chops are tender, flavorful, and more cost-effective than loin chops. A quick fat trim and you have a delicious main with limited labor involved. 

Popular pork chop items at CHEF’STORE: 

8. Pork Shoulder

Multi-functional and affordable, pork shoulder can be used for almost anything. Grind it to make breakfast or Italian sausage. Transform it into pulled pork. Chop it for stews, soups, and ragùs. 

Popular pork shoulder items at CHEF’STORE: 

9. Shrimp

Buying seafood, especially frozen shrimp in bulk, is a smart way to save on seafood costs. Wholesale grocery retailers often act as the middle-person between fisheries and other seafood distributors. This allows them to get fresh products, negotiate fair pricing, and then pass the savings on to you. 

Popular shrimp items at CHEF’STORE: 

Buying seafood in bulk is a smart way for restaurants to save money.

10. Frozen Crab

Frozen crab is often better than fresh if your restaurant is inland. It’s frozen right off the boat, at the peak of freshness, so it retains its texture and flavor longer. Buying frozen seafood also allows you to take advantage of lower price points in the off season.

Popular crab items at CHEF’STORE: 

Your Wholesale Food Warehouse and Restaurant Supply Distributor

Exceptional quality at reasonable price points are just two of the many reasons local restaurant partners rely on US Foods CHEF'STORE. When you shop at CHEF'STORE, you know you are getting the best products sourced from the top producers, from choice beef to fresh seafood. Visit your nearest CHEF’STORE today to start shopping wholesale restaurant supplies at competitive prices.

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