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Specialty Burger Blends are a Top Trend in the Restaurant Industry

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December 11, 2020

It's no secret that Americans have a burger obsession! In fact, 85% of consumers said they liked or loved burgers. While burgers are sure to be a trend in years to come, modern customers expect more than just a beef patty on a sesame bun. Unique wholesale meat blends, global flavors, and creative twists on this American classic are vital to standing out and increasing your customer base. Adding a specialty burger to your restaurant's menu can help you tap into what customers crave without compromising your establishment's brand. Want tips on top burger trends from your wholesale restaurant supply store? Read on for details. 

How Can Wholesale Meats and Seafood Up Your Burger Game?  

While everyone loves a straightforward, ground chuck burger, today's diners want some out-of-the-box burger options from their favorite restaurants. Unique wholesale meats and unexpected flavor combos are dominating menus across America. Specialty burgers are not only exciting but can also increase brand loyalty. A house-made patty communicates authenticity and originality. Your customers know that they can't get your burger anywhere else in the world. Looking for inspiration and meat recommendations for your next big burger idea? Check out these chef-driven trends and discover how they can work for you.  

Unique Meats and Bold Blends

Some stats show brisket and short rib among the top two fastest growing meat-based burger proteins in the past four years. These flavorful, inexpensive cuts of beef can be easily ground to make an epic specialty burger. What's more, they lend themselves to some killer flavor combos. You can create your own take on a Korean patty, Tteok-galbi, and top it with homemade kimchi. Embrace BBQ flavors and grill up some smoky BBQ brisket burgers.  

Restaurants grill up burgers with bold BBQ flavors.

Don't stop at one protein either. Food and Wine magazine declared burger blends one of the top food trends in 2020. Plus, chefs love blending different meats and ingredients to create dynamic flavor profiles and textures. Even wholesale seafood can make a delectable burger. Here are some patty ideas to get you started: 

The options are endless! Keep in mind, when grinding meat for your specialty burger, you always want at least 25 to 30 percent fat content.    

Where's the Beef? 

Plant-based burgers are colossal crowd pleasers! As more people experiment with vegan and flexitarian lifestyles, even serious carnivores sink their teeth in a vegan patty from time to time. In addition to your restaurant's specialty burger, why not add a delicious meat-free option to your menu? Utilizing fresh wholesale produce, your kitchen can craft a plant-based patty that is sure to satisfy. 

Meaty portobello mushrooms, crunchy walnuts, and umami-rich miso make for an outstanding vegan burger that's healthy and gratifying. If you are looking for a vegan spin on a classic burger, you can easily purchase ground plant-based beef from your wholesale restaurant supply store and season your patties. To drive fresh flavors home, ditch the lettuce and top your burgers with vibrant herbs like parsley, cilantro, or basil.   

Looking for other Dynamic Burger Ideas from Your Restaurant Supplier? 

Not every kitchen can grind their meat, but that shouldn't stop you from crafting a signature burger. Play around with different buns, incorporate wholesale dairy specialty cheeses, and get inventive with toppings.  

Thinking Outside the Bun 

Even if your establishment doesn't seem like a burger joint, that doesn't mean you can't add one to your menu! Is your restaurant the hottest hotcake restaurant in town? Why not make an unforgettable breakfast burger sandwiched between two pillowy pancakes? The key is to take your signature dish or flavor profile and reimagine that as a burger. Nothing is off-limits, like this playful ramen burger or this Moroccan-spiced patty.  

Over the Top Toppings 

Making aioli, pickles, pesto, and BBQ sauce in-house can ramp up your specialty burger and command higher price tags. Innovative toppings can create a buzz among your client base, too. 

Choose over the top toppings for burgers, like brie, apples, and bacon.

For example: 

Explore Wholesale Grocery Options for Your Specialty Burger 

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