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World Cuisine Using Seasonal Foods is a Restaurant's Bread & Butter

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July 20, 2020

While it is sometimes difficult to predict the next big culinary craze, chefs and restaurateurs agree that global cuisine will continue to be a hot industry trend that diners crave. From South Korean street food, to Polish pierogies, to Venezuelan arepas, and beyond, international dishes and bold ingredients are popping up on menus everywhere. 

Help boost restaurant sales and increase your client base by tapping into these global flavors. Double down on customer cravings, and pack your menu with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Looking to help save on food costs and incorporate world cuisines into your menu? Wholesale restaurant food suppliers provide affordable and high-quality specialty foods and ingredients in bulk. What’s more? They have a wealth of seasonal wholesale produce to maximize your menu. 

Ways Restaurant Supply Stores Enhance Your International Menu


Global cuisine often implies hard-to-find spices and ingredients, which can drive up food costs. But, with the rise of chaos cooking and embracing globally inspired menus, more restaurants are introducing new flavors to their menus without breaking the bank. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to purchase unique, wholesale meat and seafood, like Star Ranch Angus Beef Tenderloin or wild-caught salmon to enhance any of your restaurant’s globally inspired dishes.

Plus, you will find a wealth of spices at restaurant supply stores, from allspice to turmeric, allowing you to save on costs by creating  your own signature spice blend. To take your menus to the next level, incorporate seasonal ingredients from your wholesale restaurant supply store into all your menu items. Don’t be afraid to tweak global dishes and translate them for your region by using local products.

Why You Should Shop Around the Food Seasons

In recent years, restaurant owners have adjusted their menus to focus on seasonality to meet the demands of their customer base. Patrons are increasingly interested in clean, fresh ingredients and seasonal menus offer just that. Seasonal items are fresher, taste better, and can cost less than items out of season. That’s not all! Check out these other benefits to incorporating seasonal, local ingredients:

Increase customer base by offering rotating menus 

Switching up your menu based on seasonal items creates new reasons for guests to frequent your establishment. Instead of set menus, customers can discover new flavors and dishes with the changing of the seasons!

Seasonal menus allow for more marketing capabilities 

Restaurant marketing is becoming more and more important. Fresh, vibrant ingredients, like summer tomatoes, are begging to be photographed and posted on social media. Cooking seasonally allows you to highlight your new menus and feature pictures or videos of your beautiful creations multiple times a year. You can even design a creative marketing campaign around your seasonally acquired bounty.

Purchasing ingredients in season is more cost-effective

Restaurant owners know that saving on food costs is crucial to maintaining profits. Buying wholesale produce in the peak of its season can save you dollars because the items are more readily available. Purchasing local produce, like Oregon berries in the summer or Washington apples in the fall, can save you even more in food costs. Plus, you know that the items are picked at their prime, so you don’t have to worry about food waste.  


Combining seasonal items with the global flavors allows you to take advantage of both trends.. Here are just a few global food trend ideas with a seasonal twist: 

  • Give the Eastern European favorite, cherry vareniki, a Northwest attitude with the addition of Rainier cherries. 
  • Highlight the sweet flavor of Walla Walla onions in a classic Alsatian onion tart
  • Turn those gorgeous summer tomatoes into a sizzling shakshuka
  • Go fresh and old with a mix of Mexican cuisine 


Seasonal ingredients and specialty food items are readily available at your wholesale
restaurant food supply store. Why not try adding a little world cuisine flair to local ingredients? You will provide customers what they crave and help save on food costs.

Shop Seasonal Products and International Ingredients At Your Local Restaurant Food Supplier

CHEF’STORE is your go-to for international ingredients and local, seasonal items. Our aisles and online portal are bursting with high-quality products to inspire your next menu. Don’t forget to check out our fresh produce, featuring some of the best fruits and vegetables from the region. We also offer restaurant grocery delivery right to your kitchen via Instacart and Shipt. Visit your local wholesale restaurant supply store  today and get ready to expand your menu with global flair and seasonal delights.

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