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Restaurant Marketing: The Rise of Short-Form Video Content

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November 22, 2022

Some marketing stats suggest short video content has the highest ROI than any other social media campaign for businesses overall. So it’s no wonder short-form videos are on their way to being the hottest craze in restaurant marketing. All you need is a smartphone and a few tips to help you take advantage of the newest social media trend. Get started mastering the camera and bring your establishment to the viral-video stage with these tips below.

Why Your Restaurant Needs Video Marketing

Short-form videos, like those on TikTok or Instagram Reels, are more than just fun to watch. Incorporating them into your overall marketing strategy can lead to more revenue. MGH Marketing found that 36 percent of TikTok users ordered from restaurants after watching their videos. The same study revealed that 65 percent of content creators searched for food from establishments they saw on the platform. 

Short-form videos don’t begin or end with TikTok either. 


Instagram’s Reels are more popular now in response to the success of TikTok. Instagram is one of the most downloaded apps, meaning it reaches a broad clientele base. Within the platform, Reels increases engagement by 22 percent compared to other IG video content. IG Reels posted as stories can also direct new customers directly to your restaurant’s website by adding a link.


Facebook is the most used social media app, with 1.56 billion users daily, so posting short videos on Facebook means you can connect with a wealth of potential customers. 


YouTube comes in a close second, with 81 percent of Americans engaging with the platform daily. Studies show that 59 percent of YouTube users prefer videos to written content, so using YouTube Shorts is a smart way to connect with more people. 

Short-Form Video Restaurant Marketing Tips

Short-form videos have a higher potential to go viral. That’s excellent news for grabbing new customers. No matter what platform you choose, you want to ensure you are connecting with your consumer base. The goal of short-form video is to immediately hook your audience and hold their attention for just a few moments, to keep them from scrolling by. Create the next big viral video with these tricks and trends:

  • Keep it short. True to their name, short-form videos are really short. For example, YouTube Shorts cap their video content at 60 seconds. IG Reels are a max of 90 seconds. While TikTok allows up to 3 minutes of video content, 9-15 seconds seems to be the sweet spot for capturing attention.
  • Showcase unique items. Interesting content drives customers to your doors. 51 percent of TikTok users visited a restaurant after seeing a surprising menu item. Don’t limit the scope to food either, exciting beverages are also highly marketable.
  • Create a mini-cooking class. Rahim Mohamed gained popularity on the internet after debuting a quick video of him making his epic sandwiches. Think about your signature menu items and curate a fun, face-paced tutorial for viewers to try at home.
  • Recreate the dining experience. Diners love getting a glimpse of your ambiance, so give a restaurant tour. 38 percent of TikTokers choose to dine at restaurants based on the atmosphere, and 29 percent visit because of stunning views. So, show off your establishment's best features.
  • Develop a brand challenge. One of the hottest trends is the brand challenge. This contest encourages participants to post a picture to enter, over a specific time frame, while tagging your establishment. You can create a campaign around the best photo of one of your signature dishes to boost sharing and create buzz. You can also tie your cooking tutorial into a challenge to see who recreated the video the best.
  • Do a behind-the-scenes shoot. 70 percent of consumers feel more aligned with a company when they see its CEO or owner on social media. As a restaurant owner, put yourself in the spotlight and show some behind-the-scenes action. Maybe it’s you working the line or giving a time-lapse tour of set-up. 

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Creating Successful Videos for Your Restaurant

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