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How to Choose Your Wholesale Restaurant Supply Company

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February 11, 2020

Keeping food costs in line, while still offering exceptional ingredients, can feel like a challenge. How do you balance great ingredients and manageable food costs? 

Choosing a reputable, professional restaurant supply warehouse can help you mitigate costs without sacrificing high standards. Here’s what you should know about selecting the right restaurant supply warehouse for your needs.

Finding the Right Restaurant Supply Warehouse


Finding a food service vendor that harmonizes with your restaurant needs is important for the vitality of your restaurant. Factors to consider are competitive prices, stellar customer service, and quality products. 

1. Choose a Restaurant Food Supplier that Values Your Unique Needs

The restaurant business is all about personal connections. The most successful restaurants don’t just feed people, they tell a story through their food and offer unforgettable hospitality. Guests come to restaurants to have an experience, share good times with loved ones, and enjoy dynamite meals. 

When choosing a restaurant supply vendor, select one that cares about your food the way you do. Think of your wholesale supplier as a partner in your epicurean endeavor. Establish a solid working relationship with them, get to know their values, and create a healthy dialogue. Talk to them about their product and feel open to give crucial feedback. Maybe that case of oranges wasn’t as sweet and juicy as you were hoping. Maybe that pork shoulder was incredible. Let them know. 

A professional wholesale supply store that cares about their product and your restaurant will take your input seriously. 

2. Consider the Foodservice Supplier's Price Points

Competitive product pricing is key for keeping food costs low. However, don’t just go with the first, low-cost vendor option. Selecting your restaurant supplier based solely on price might not be as beneficial in the long run. Remember you want to think of your suppliers as partners and choose those who can offer more than just a great deal. 

Work to find a company that offers wholesale prices, weekly specials, quality products, and trustworthy service. If your vendor has your back, you know your product will be top-notch, priced right, and handled with care. 

If your vendor has your back, your product will be top notch, priced right, and handled with care.

3. Look to the Community for Guidance

Ask your fellow restaurateurs who they trust working with and why. 

  • Does the supplier offer online ordering and easy pick-up? 
  • Do they promise fresh produce?  
  • Do they have a variety of inventory? 

Go online and look for reviews and customer testimonials. Check out their website and see if they offer helpful resources like business tips, food safety practices, and current culinary trends. A wholesaler that wants to support and help educate their client base, in addition to guaranteeing quality product, is one worth considering. 

Supplier offers can vary.

4. Visit Their Location

One of the best ways to get a feel for a supply store is to visit their location. Look at the quality of their food and assess what they have to offer. Is their meat stored at the proper temperatures? Are their veggies fresh and vibrant? 

This is also a great time to get a feel for their customer service. Did they greet you as you arrived or asked if you needed assistance? 

If you want to narrow down your search before making a list of restaurant suppliers to visit, scan their website and see if they offer a virtual tour. When choosing a restaurant supply company always pick one that goes beyond just a good price point. Select one that caters to your needs, offers helpful service, great product, and personable rapport. 

US Foods CHEF'STORE, Your Restaurant Supply Partner


At CHEF'STORE, we value all of our customers and aim for exceptional customer service. In addition to our impressive products, we also offer professional services, are committed to food safety, and make ordering a breeze withClick & Carry

Visit a location near you to see what we offer and chat with a team member about our services. We look forward to seeing you!

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