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Food Trends: Takeout Packaging Food Security

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January 04, 2022

As a restaurant owner, taking food safety seriously is an integral part of your responsibilities. So it’s no surprise that chefs and owners invest in safety technology and spend hours training their employees on proper food storage and preparation techniques. With the rise in third-party and in-house delivery as well as to-go orders, it’s also important to think about food safety during transport. An emerging trend for 2022 is takeout and delivery packaging designed for safety and security.

The Importance of Takeout Packaging in 2022 

53% of customers consider takeout essential to their dining lifestyle.

In 2021, more customers began to eat out at their favorite establishments than the previous year. And, while you can expect to serve people in dining rooms and patios, takeout is here to stay. According to a recent market report, 53 percent of surveyed customers considered takeout and delivery essential to their dining lifestyle. However, today’s consumers expect more than just delicious food. They want to ensure their off-premise meals are safe and intact when they dine at home. That’s where food delivery container safety comes into play.

What are Tamper-Proof Containers for Food?

Tamper-proof packaging for food and beverages is nothing new. Tamper-proof packaging is designed specifically to make it evident if a container has been opened, unsealed, or broken. Pre-packed water bottles, for instance, have tamper-evident twist-off caps and many clear food containers are designed to easily see the meal inside. For restaurant owners, it’s simply a matter of taking those principles and applying them to your to-go packaging.

Ways Restaurants Can Mitigate Tampering

There are a few manageable techniques that establishments can employ and show their customers their food is tamper-free:

  • Tamper-resistant labels and tape for containers: These can be placed over the opening to your current to-go packaging. Should the container be opened, it is easy to see. Labels are great because they work with the packing you have on hand, like eco-friendly containers. Plus, you can emboss them with your logo or even promote upcoming specials, making them a fantastic marketing tool.
  • Tamper-evident delivery bags: The principle behind tamper-evident bags is like the container labels. However, the seal or label is placed on the bag after all the takeout items have been placed inside. 
  • Tamper-evident containers: Instead of relying on tape or labels, tamper-evident containers come with built-in protection, like a plastic seal that must be torn to open. Because they are specifically designed to indicate tampering, you will have to purchase them instead of modifying your current supply.

It’s also important to note the difference between tamper-proof and tamper-evident. Tamper-evident measures provide clear proof for a customer to quickly identify if their food has been opened before making it to them. A strictly tamper-proof container means it is difficult to open and might not necessarily leave evidence of tampering. It may also not fully deter tampering. For instance, a tamper-resistant sticker may be placed over the top of a lid or cap, but if it is carefully removed and replaced it may be difficult for the user to notice that it was removed at all.

Benefits of Investing in Packaging for Safe Food Delivery

Benefits of tamper-proof packaging.

Are you wondering if your restaurant needs tamper-proof packaging? If you are on the fence about upgrading your takeout containers, consider the following advantages:

  • Puts Customers at Ease: Applying tamper-evident and tamper-proof packaging assures your customers that their food hasn’t been tampered with and communicates you go one step beyond to keep them safe.
  • Increases Food Safety: Sealed containers help prevent chemical, biological, and physical contaminants from getting into food. 
  • Keeps Food Intact: Secured food means fewer spills, translating to better food costs and preserves your plating presentation for customers.

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