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Knowing These Consumer Lifestyle Trends Can Boost Restaurant Business

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August 13, 2021

Amidst the pandemic, it’s no secret everyone’s lives have changed. Many people are now evaluating their health choices and their impact on the world we live in. People are embracing new lifestyle changes geared towards wellness, happiness, and sustainable actions. According to market research company Global Web Index, more people now have 6-month plans to reduce food waste, walk or cycle more, and reduce plastic/single-use packaging. While these trends might not seem to have anything to do with the restaurant business, they can teach you a lot about your customer base. The more you know about your consumer, the better you can adapt your food concept to meet their needs. Want to learn more? Our bulk food store shares how lifestyle trends can influence your restaurant business.

Emerging Lifestyle Changes

Changing lifestyle trends can inform restaurateurs in many ways, from purchasing sustainable restaurant food and supplies to increasing healthy menu options. Here are some noticeable trends and how you can leverage them to boost profits. 

Commitment to Health and Wellness

If there was one thing the pandemic brought to the forefront of everyone’s minds, it was health. 61 percent of adults have sustained unwanted weight changes due to the pandemic. Plus, an astounding 46 percent of younger Americans reported struggling with mental health during COVID. As a result, more and more people are going the extra mile to revitalize their health care regime, which means more exercise, attention to mental health, and better eating habits.

What this means for  your restaurant:

Nearly 90 percent of American adults are looking for functional health benefits from their food and supplements. Luckily, health trends are easy to incorporate into any menu:

  • Offer plant-based proteins for heart-healthy meal options
  • Develop an innovative mocktail menu for guests looking to reduce alcohol intake
  • Devise low-cal takes on classic comfort dishes

Double down on foods that support physical and mental health like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Also, consider adding adaptogens found in certain mushrooms and herbs to your menu.

Supporting Environmental Efforts

Ethical consumerism is still a growing part of Americans’ everyday lives and it has exploded since COVID-19. Over the past few years, sustainable product sales have grown 20 percent. Customers are increasingly concerned with food waste, harmful fishing and farming practices, and the rise of greenhouse gas emissions. In general, over 50 percent of customers prefer to support sustainable companies. In terms of restaurants, 50 percent of consumers reported they would visit restaurants with eco-conscious models.

What this means for your restaurant: Adapting sustainability practices for your establishment is easy, and there are multiple ways to work towards an eco-conscious restaurant model:

  • Utilize environmentally friendly ingredients like wholesale bulk sustainable seafood
  • Adopt a recycling and composting program to reduce food waste
  • Introduce green cleaning products
  • Install energy-saving light bulbs, water-saving plumbing fixtures, and switch to renewable energy sources

Reconnecting with Nature

After months and months observing nature either through our windows or on the screen, Americans are looking to go out and explore nature to the fullest. Walking and biking are recreational pastimes that have continued to increase in popularity. In fact, NPD reports bicycle sales were up 63 percent halfway through 2020. In many ways, this newfound interest in outdoor activity is the perfect intersection of exercise and addressing environmental issues like climate change. As more people flock to the great outdoors, they also call for the “rewilding” of our landscapes and preserving our forests and oceans. 

What this means for your restaurant: While takeout became a fixture of life during 2021, having meals to-go is here to stay. Make and market ready-to-eat meals for guests to take on the road or the trail. Chef-curated picnic baskets are also a great way to let customers enjoy your food during any of their outdoor adventures. However, be sensitive to the packaging used. Plastic and single-use packaging has a growing impact on restaurants and consumers, so purchasing eco-friendly options from your bulk food and supply store is a sustainable and economical alternative. 

Bulk Wholesale Food and Beverages for Your Restaurant

Looking to tap into booming lifestyle trends by revamping your food and beverage options? US Foods CHEF’STORE has high-quality ingredients and supplies at competitive prices for all your needs. From sustainable seafood to eco-friendly cleaning supplies and packaging to beverage essentials, you’ll find it at CHEF’STORE. We offer multiple locations near you, third-party grocery delivery, and a handy customer card to help you track your purchases.

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