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Leveling Up an Average Cup of Joe

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February 17, 2023

Coffee is one of the world’s most widely consumed beverages and is the second most exported commodity, after oil. In the U.S., the average consumer has about three cups of coffee per day and while we all love a good cup of joe, today’s consumers are looking for innovative treatments for our classic morning perk-me-up. If you want to jump on some of the recent coffee trends, we share helpful insights and new coffee preparations that will have your customers buzzing.


4 Exciting Coffee Trends for Your Drink Menu 

Whether you are a seasoned barista or just starting your own coffee shop, you’ll love these new coffee trends to try.

1. Coffee with Health Benefits

Healthy foods have been a rising trend on menus across the U.S. for years, so it was just a matter of time before healthy habits made their way into our coffee mugs. One of the top trends you’ll see is health-boosting elements added to all kinds of coffee drinks. While coffee itself contains plenty of antioxidants, adding these ingredients to your coffee offers further health benefits:

  • Collagen: This often comes in a powder form that you can easily offer as a coffee beverage add-on.
  • Mushrooms: “Powerhouse” fungi like Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, and Chaga come in powder and can be added to any coffee drink. As a caffeine alternative, you can offer straight mushroom “coffee,” a hot beverage made exclusively from mushrooms that still provides a coffee essence. 
  • Turmeric: Known as “Golden Coffee,” a few dashes of ground turmeric and cinnamon to brewed coffee make for an exciting drink that can also help fight inflammation. 

2. Fun Whipped Coffee Flavors

The Dalgona, or whipped coffee, craze first hit in 2020. This instant coffee whipped with sugar and water was all the rage on social media and made its way to cafes everywhere. Fast-forward to 2023, baristas are taking Dalgona to the next level by introducing sweet, seasonal, and fun flavors. Think toasted coconut, raspberry, caramel, pumpkin spice, peppermint, and more! To make a variety of flavored Dalgona drinks, stock up on your favorite DaVinci Gourmet® syrups that offer flavorful add-ons.

3. Global Inspiration

Global cuisine has recently been driving the food scene. Younger generations embrace world flavors and expect their restaurants and cafes to deliver globally-focused coffee options. Introducing unique spices and fruits to create innovative flavor profiles are some ways to tap into global trends. 

Offering different types of coffee preparations that are staples in other countries is another way to bring excitement to your beverage menu. According to Technomic’s industry report, coffee shops and large chains worldwide are branching into new caffeinated territories. Starbucks in South Korea offers a version of a classic Viennese Einsplanner, using frothy cream cheese instead of the traditional whipped cream. ZUS Coffee also offers its take on Vietnamese iced coffeewith flavors like coconut coffee frappe and Vietnamese Spanish latte.

4. Sustainability

Eco-conscious consumerism is important to modern customers. As a result, they are looking for companies with sustainable and ethical practices, and coffee is no exception. Offering coffees and teas that are produced with attention to ethical sourcing, fair-trade wages, and clean ingredients are key to retaining your customer base. Talking to your guests about where your coffee comes from can go a long way to assuring them you take sustainability seriously. Consider brands like Rituals®, which never contains ingredients on the “unpronounceable list.”

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