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Partnering with Woman-Owned Businesses Feat. Sweet Street

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February 27, 2023

Who restaurants partner with can say a lot about their brand identity. Owners who buy from women-owned businesses often strive to support community efforts and help create jobs while offering top-of-the-line products. Moreover, consumers want to align their values with the businesses they support, and with more women in the foodservice industry, the industry is seeing marked changes and innovations.

Business Spotlight: Sweet Street

Sweet Street is one of the top women-owned industry leaders in the dessert world. From humble roots, this company has grown to offer exceptional treats worldwide. Born in Reading, PA, Sweet Street has been a neighborhood staple since 1979 and hasn’t forgotten its hometown roots, even as it’s expanded worldwide. You’ll find a wealth of delectable delights offered—from sweet cookies to buttery croissants and more. Sweet Street also does more than just make exceptional desserts. The company makes a conscious effort to give back to the community and focus on sustainability efforts.

4 Reasons to Shop at Women-Owned Businesses like Sweet Street

How can partnering with Sweet Street and other women-led companies help your bottom line and the community?

1. Unique and Specialty Products

Minority and woman-owned companies open up a world of interesting products, often rooted in compelling stories and cultural histories. Sweet Street’s founder, Sandy Solmon, took her love for baking and perfected the flavors and textures of classic American cookies from her two-car garage. She expanded her dessert portfolio to offer even more exciting items by infusing a sense of nostalgia into her baked goods. Her desserts always delight and surprise, from traditional coffee cake to innovative cheesecake.

Offering your customers unique menu items is key to creating a buzz around your restaurant and can lead to a larger customer base. 72 percent of customers consider high-quality food a driving factor in choosing a restaurant, so offering exciting items from the Sweet Street line can draw a whole new customer base to your establishment.

2. Supports Women Entrepreneurs and Creates Jobs

Based on a Zippia study of top Fortune 500 companies, only 8.8 percent of CEO positions are held by women, and less than 1 percent are women of color. While women have been rising in the food service industry, there is always room for improvement. So, partnering with women-owned companies helps bridge job inequity and promote women to higher levels of food product development. Plus, women-owned companies generate 1.9 trillion dollars and employ 9.4 million workers. 

Sandy Solmon, for example, built her company from a home-based operation to a larger-scale operation. In addition to being the owner, she is also the head of research and development and leads a team that bakes for establishments in over 60 countries, on every continent.


3. Contributes to Community and Economic Growth

Women-owned businesses often start as small, community-based enterprises.  However, they can be a significant force in driving economic growth. Studies show that women reinvest 90 percent of their income into their families and the community. So, purchasing from women-owned businesses can not only help boost local economies but can also help put dollars toward community efforts. 


Sweet Street centers community responsibility in all its business practices. They invest in programs dedicated to arts and education, work towards beautifying their hometown and promote diversity and inclusion in their workforce.

4. Sustainability and Clean Ingredients

Customers want restaurants committed to sustainability and ethically sourced ingredients. 51 percent of customers are more inclined to frequent establishments that feature eco-conscious foods.  Sweet Street constantly challenges itself to get the most authentic ingredients for all its desserts while still adhering to clean, sustainable practices.

Pick Up Delicious Desserts from Sweet Street at US Foods CHEF’STORE

At CHEF’STORE, we take pride in stocking diverse products from women-owned companies like Sweet Street. You’ll find their best desserts, including molten chocolate cake, macaroons, and lemon squares, all under one roof. For related reading, check out ways women are cooking up changes in the restaurant industry

If you want to serve only the highest quality foods and competitive prices, look no further than CHEF’STORE. We are proud to bring you the best local businesses have to offer at our many locations. Shop online today.

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