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Restaurant Marketing: Turning Tourists into Influencers on TripAdvisor

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February 07, 2024

Initially launched in 2000, TripAdvisor became a go-to search site for travelers looking for destination information. Now, this platform is among the top three restaurant review sites. What makes TripAdvisor so popular for restaurant searches and reviews? Their global search engine gives users worldwide the ability to comment, share feedback, and reach potential customers all over the world. This means a future customer living abroad or down the street can find your local establishment based on your rankings and presence on TripAdvisor.

How Does TripAdvisor for Restaurants Work?

TripAdvisor provides reviews, consumer recommendations, and travel-related service information. Users can:

  • Write and submit reviews based on their experience at a particular restaurant or attraction.
  • Provide their feedback via a rating system, which ranges from 1 to 5, with 5 representing a stellar experience.
  • Upload photos and videos as part of their dining review.
  • Search and browse establishments in their travel destination area.
  • Book reservations directly from the TripAdvisor platform.

All of these options not only make TripAdvisor a valuable resource for travelers, but it can also boost traffic to your restaurant.

why Tripadvisor Matters for Restaurant Marketing

In 2022, TripAdvisor recorded 76 million reviews and opinions. As a restaurant owner, you know how crucial reviews are to promoting your business and getting valuable, actionable feedback. 


Because TripAdvisor reaches a global community searching for their next dining excursions, tapping into the platform’s resources means you can entice consumers across the globe to visit your eatery. These patrons can further promote your business by leaving excellent reviews. 

3 Steps to Promote Your Restaurant on TripAdvisor  

Leveraging the power of TripAdvisor is easy when you follow these steps to increase your customer base.

1. Set Up Your Restaurant Profile

The first step to marketing your establishment via TripAdvisor is to set up your account. 

  • Go to the TripAdvisor for Business website and claim your free listing
  • Create a new business account and verify your restaurant. 
  • Complete your profile by adding photos, GPS location, hours, contact information, cuisine type, price range, and unique features.

When developing your profile, the plan is to tell a story about your restaurant and food. You want to make it visual, inviting, and on-brand to attract the most customers to your door. Diners from all over the world are scrolling through restaurants in their next vacation spot, so standing out is essential to grabbing tourists’ attention.

You can also take advantage of Tripadvisor Premium for restaurants which grants access to exclusive, subscriber-only tools such as pinned featured images and reviews, competitor insights, and more.

2.  Encourage Customers to Provide Positive Feedback on TripAdvisor

72 percent of diners say glowing reviews help them trust a restaurant’s reputation. If you are trying to reach a global dining pool, the more posted reviews you acquire, the higher your chances of new customers. Offer QR codes on menus and hang signage reminding guests to post their authentic experiences on TripAdvisor.


Remember that every happy customer’s comment translates into free advertising and higher search results.

3. Don’t Shy Away from Constructive Criticism

Every business owner wants to receive good reviews; however, sometimes, a guest might have a less-than-satisfactory experience. If a customer leaves a lackluster review on TripAdvisor, immediately take charge. Frequently, a critical review can be a great learning opportunity to improve your operations and further strengthen your brand. Earnestly responding to troubling comments from patrons can also improve your approval rating. In fact, 89 percent of customers are apt to visit a restaurant that responds to reviews. So, if a traveler notices your attention to positive and negative reviews, they will likely perceive that as an establishment that cares about their customers.

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