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Supporting Locally Owned Restaurants Is More Important Now Than Ever

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May 15, 2023

For many people, restaurants represent a significant aspect of everyday life. 56 percent of people dine out two to three times per week. Plus, according to the National Restaurant Association, 63 percent of adults have worked in the restaurant industry at some point. They bring a certain culture to their communities. Restaurants offer a way for people to come together and restaurateurs to show off and share their cooking chops.

While the National Restaurant Association predicts 2023 will see $997 billion in sales, which shows we are on the upswing, we still need to support our local restaurants to keep supporting our communities and uplift them.

Four Benefits of Restaurant Businesses in Your Community

Local establishments do more than just make great food. They impact our culture in positive ways—from the economy to sustainability. Here are five ways aiding your favorite local restaurants can benefit everyone.

1. Job Creation

The restaurant industry employs millions of people yearly. In fact, 2023 could see up to 15.5 million workers in the industry. The sector also produces middle-class jobs at three times the number of other industries. Locally owned culinary establishments help generate more local jobs giving community members employment and access to good wages. When visiting an establishment, your money goes directly to supporting your community members.

2. Boosts Local Economies

Locally owned restaurants are more likely to contribute financially to their neighborhoods. Based on past studies, independent businesses give 250 percent more to community-based non-profits and causes. By giving back to the community, dollars are funneled back into the local economy, providing more security and stability.

Because restaurants also employ a large population, food service employees can contribute to other local restaurants and businesses, further boosting the community's economy. 

3. Promotes Product Diversity

Independent restaurants are more likely to cook from the heart, which means a wealth of unique menus. Access to diverse flavors and dining experiences means the market doesn’t become stagnant or saturated.

41 percent of restaurant entities are owned and operated by minority groups. Dining at local joints can also help support minority and women-owned businesses, which is another way to encourage diversity and strengthen community ties.

4. Fosters Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the backbone of the American economy. It helps increase economic growth by developing new products. It also encourages innovation and can promote social change for the better. Community members often start local restaurants as their first step into business ownership. Their enterprising spirit becomes a community asset.

How to Support Your Locally Owned Restaurants

As we continue to bounce back from some of the economic insecurities felt in 2020, supporting local eateries is crucial to strengthen our communities. Here are some easy ways you can help your neighborhood establishments:

  • Go out to eat! 
  • Order delivery or pickup
  • Write a review to encourage other diners to visit
  • Purchase a gift card
  • Buy merchandise or offered products

US Foods CHEF’STORE Supports Local Businesses and Economies

At CHEF’STORE, we strive to support our culinary and community partners. Our company works to stop waste and better the environment. We also carry an array of exclusive brands that feature women-led businesses, sustainable practices, and more!

Stop by your local CHEF’STORE for quality products and excellent customer service. We also provide helpful business tools to enhance your brand and third-party delivery for your last-minute shopping needs.


The State of Restaurants HEading Into the Second HAlf of 2023

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Industry Report: The State of Restaurants Heading Into the Second Half of 2023

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