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Dockside Co. Sustainable Seafood Reels in Customers & Boosts Restaurant Profits

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July 09, 2021

The team at CHEF'STORE thanks Dockside Seafood Co. for their guest post.

One of the fastest growing restaurant food trends is sustainably sourced menu items. Today’s savvy consumers are looking to dine at establishments that showcase high-quality proteins while also being mindful of environmental impact

In recent years, ethically and sustainably sourced seafood has been a hot topic among diners and restaurateurs alike. As a restaurant owner, you want to stand out from the competition. A surefire way is to provide seafood customers with what they crave: exceptional seafood from trustworthy sources. 

One of our favorite brands on the market today is Dockside Seafood Co.’s crispy beer battered rockfish. Their ready-to-cook product is a prime example of sustainable practices, fresh flavor, and reasonable pricing. 

Discover Dockside Seafood Co. Beer Battered Pacific Rockfish 

Rockfish has been making a major come back in wholesale bulk seafood stores and menus across the U.S. It’s no wonder! With over 70 varieties and mild flavor, this Pacific Ocean fish is perfect for all kinds of menu applications. Plus, rockfish is considered highly sustainable. This wasn’t always the case; overfishing practices in the 1990’s lead to a massive depletion of wild Pacific rockfish. However, in recent years, local fishers, government agencies, and seafood companies came together to protect and rebuild the once vibrant fish staple.  

Dockside Seafood Co. has committed to preserving wild rockfish numbers and partners with Bornstein Seafood, a family-owned seafood supplier of wild Pacific rockfish. Bornstein Seafood works closely with the independent local fishermen along the Oregon and Washington coasts, and provides only the best fish for Dockside’s beer battered rockfish. 

Not only is the fish fresh and flavorful, but each morsel helps tell the story of how sustainable practices can secure our fragile ecosystem for future generations. Educating consumers goes a long way toward capturing their business - and keeping it. In fact, over 70 percent of consumers want to be educated on a company’s seafood sustainability practices. Frankly, it’s a great marketing opportunity for a restaurant to have Dockside’s Pacific rockfish on their menu. 

How Can Dockside Beer Battered Rockfish Benefit Your Restaurant?

Dockside’s locally harvested rockfish is beer battered in the Northwest and frozen for premium freshness. While the flavor alone is a benefit for any restaurant, serving their products can also help boost profits in other ways:

Increase Customer Base: By offering and promoting Dockside Seafood Co.’s sustainably sourced rockfish, you can capture customers that care deeply about saving our oceans and their inhabitants. Plus, since all the fish comes from small, trusted fisheries that catch only the best rockfish, you know the flavor will always be fresh, which will keep diners coming back for more. 

Reduce Prep Time: Pre-battered pieces mean your chefs don’t have to spend the time hand-battering each piece, which can save on prep hours and labor costs.

Increase Profit Margins: Not only are customers looking for ethically raised seafood, but many could be willing to pay more for it. In fact, restaurants can charge 15 percent to 20 percent more for seafood dishes that are certified sustainable. 

Purchasing Dockside brand items from US Foods CHEF’STORE means you’ll get exceptional products at wholesale bulk seafood prices. So, no matter how you choose to cost your menu items, you’ll be able to preserve your bottom line. 

Shop Dockside Co. Bulk Frozen Food for Restaurants at CHEF’STORE

Stock up on delectable Dockside Seafood Co. products, including beer battered rockfish, halibut, and more! You’ll find their superior line of seafood at our many locations across the U.S. You can also order online or request delivery to your restaurant through trusted third-party delivery companies.


Restaurant customers prefer sustainable seafood and using these products can help boost your restaurant's profits.

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