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These Appetizers Are the Perfect Opening Act

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June 01, 2023

The Importance of Appetizers

Appetizers help set the stage for the dining experience, prepare guests' palates for the rest of the meal, and can boost revenue. In fact, customers are willing to spend $5.50 to $13.30 on appetizers, so having a robust app menu can help increase profits.



There are a few factors that go into a great appetizer. From a customer standpoint, it should be smaller  and easy to eat, while being packed with flavor, but not too filling. A memorable appetizer should also be visually stunning since guests eat with their eyes first. Plus, having an Instagramable plate might encourage diners to post your dish online, boosting your social media presence

From a pricing and kitchen perspective, hors d'oeuvre should be easy to make and come in at a profitable food cost margin.


You can't go wrong with these crowd-pleasers - if you want to leverage the latest appetizer trends to enhance your menu.

1. Potstickers: Asian-inspired cuisine is one of the hottest culinary trends on the market. Capitalize on this emerging trend by adding a dumpling to your repertoire. Great potstickers may come prepared and frozen, so your kitchen can effortlessly pan-sear and send to the table. This reduces prep time and potential waste since these items can last long once prepared. 

Stand Out Recipe 

BBQ Pork Potstickers: Fusion food is taking the industry by storm. This combines the essence of Asian-style dumplings with down-home BBQ flair. 

2. Shrimp: Fish and seafood allow for a punch of flavor and provide plenty of attractive plating options. Shrimp is a favorite seafood dish so having a peel-and-eat option as a meal starter could mean high menu item sales. 

Stand Out Recipe

Old Bay Peel and Eat Shrimp: Classic southern spices meet sweet shrimp in this easy-to-execute recipe that is sure to please.

3. Sliders: Gourmet burgers are always on trend, so why not micro-size them for an appetizer? Smaller portions mean less potential beef expenses, plus you can do a daily or weekly slider special to help use up some ingredients, further saving on food costs.

Stand Out Recipe

Honey-Braised Brisket Sliders: Star Ranch Angus beef gets a sweet-n-spicy treatment with honey and pepper jack cheese with these tasty sliders.

4. Dips: Who doesn’t love a good dip? Especially when they get a good dose of cheese and are served bubbling hot? Customers love the family-style aspect of dips, where they can share from the same vessel. Plus, chefs can pre-prep ramekins of delicious dips to efficiently heat and serve

Stand Out Recipe

Spinach Artichoke Dip: Fresh-frozen spinach from Food Service Systems and briny artichokes bring this classic dip to the next level.


CHEF’STORE is your go-to for the highest-quality products at competitive prices. We stock everything you need for your new appetizer menu—from wholesale meat and seafood to fresh produce, frozen foods, and more.

Stop by one of our many wholesale grocery locations today or get items delivered directly to you.

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