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POS Systems for Restaurants: What is Toast?

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May 14, 2024

The emergence of modern POS systems has been a game-changer for restaurant operations. An integral part of a tech-forward establishment, point-of-sale systems connect hardware with advanced software to help automate everything from payment processing to inventory tracking, customer habits analysis, and more!

However, if you want to maximize your POS capabilities, choose a company, such as Toast, that specializes in restaurant needs and has the latest technology available.

The Difference Toast POS Can Make for Your Business 

There is a reason restaurants love working with Toast to manage complicated operations. From inventory control to mobile ordering, reservation management, and loyalty rewards, Toast POS systems can improve efficiency and boost profits. Check out these five reasons to make the switch to Toast.

1. All-In-One Restaurant System

One of the major benefits Toast brings to the table is its add-on options that integrate seamlessly into an ultimate operation management system. Owners can pick and choose which extra services will help streamline their unique logistic needs. Some of the most common include:

Any—and especially all—of these software add-ons can alleviate workloads, which is particularly helpful when navigating labor shortages


2. Toast Grows with Restaurants 

Toast’s software add-ons provide scalability, which means restaurants can curate their own packages and add features as their consumer base and needs expand. This can go a long way to help save on labor, streamline internal systems, and boost customer satisfaction. Users can start with a cost-free Starter Kit, then upgrade as revenue as customer interest increases.

3. Optimized Delivery Deployment and Management 

The delivery market has been exploding in recent years. Statistics show that online food delivery revenues could exceed $5 billion by 2028. Toast’s software assists restaurants in capitalizing on the to-go trend with a variety of features. 

Whether or not you have your own delivery team in place, Toast gives customers the ability to pre-place orders and track drivers in real-time. For establishments that don’t have their own delivery fleet, Toast solves that problem. One optional feature offers a vetted driver network, ensuring your food gets into the hands of your customers.


4. Brings the Latest Tech to Your Fingertips

Toast is committed to helping every restaurant grow and run efficiently. That's why it constantly develops and introduces new features that follow market trends. This helps restaurants stay on the cutting edge and evolve their operations to boost profits.

5. Impressive Payroll and Labor Control

Tracking labor costs and navigating the evolving world of labor laws can be challenging for owners. However, with Toast’s payroll sync capabilities, operators can monitor staff hours in real time and keep abreast of wage costs. Plus, the software will track hours against the most recent labor laws, ensuring your business is always compliant.

Partner With US Foods CHEF’STORE and Toast For Your Restaurant 

Toast and CHEF’STORE are built for restaurants, so there’s no better partnership than the two. Want to turn tables faster, manage delivery, keep labor costs in check, and more with Toast? CHEF’STORE customers can receive a $0 front cost when they partner with Toast.

Do you need more resources to take your establishment to the next level? Check out our business resources and exceptional products.

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