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6 Ways Small Restaurants Use Technology to Boost Profitability

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April 26, 2021

Restaurants are no strangers to technology. From touchscreen point-of-sale systems to tech-based marketing, eating establishments know it’s important to keep customers satisfied by being on the cutting edge. In these unpredictable times, investing in technology is even more imperative. To stay relevant and advance profits, small restaurants should focus on technology integration. 

Are you looking for ideas on how to use new tech to advance your business? Want to know what top tech options your industry partners are implementing? Our wholesale restaurant supplier shares tips and resources below. 

How Are Small Restaurants Leveraging Tech to Promote Profits?

Restaurants are capitalizing on booming tech trends and maximizing profits. Need an inventory tracking system to help maintain wholesale produce levels? Looking to save on labor costs? No matter what your needs, there are a wide range of tech solutions available for any business, from delivery platforms to automated ordering solutions to building community resources. 

We’ve compiled six ways that restaurants across the U.S. have embraced technology in their establishments. 

1. Installing Self-Ordering Kiosks

Reducing contact time between servers and customers is a smart approach to keeping diners and staff feeling safe. Self-ordering kiosks are great tools restaurants use to limit exposure among patrons and staff, and to promote social distancing. However, these technological innovations can also help boost profits. 

Self-ordering kiosks:

  • Improve ordering accuracy, translating to less food waste and happier customers. 
  • Speed up the ordering process and decrease wait times, meaning restaurants can turn tables more quickly.
  • Reduce extraneous labor costs by maximizing employee productivity.

2. Investing in Kitchen Display Systems 

Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) are an effective way to increase back-of-house efficiency and preserve profits. A KDS integrates into a cloud-based POS system to display orders on a large, digitized screen. Orders can be read easily by the kitchen and waitstaff and tracked in real-time. No more lost paper tickets or servers not hearing the kitchen bell when the order is ready. Plus, the software allows restaurant owners to mitigate food loss and manage their wholesale food and supply inventory. 

3. Developing In-House Delivery Systems 

Since COVID-19, to-go and off-premise dining have been the saving grace for many independent restaurants. While many restaurants partner with third-party services, some owners have invested in their own delivery tech. By keeping all delivery orders in-house, restaurateurs can retain 100% of the sales instead of paying partnership fees. A restaurant-owned mobile app, online ordering options, and delivery management software are essential tools for coordinating deliveries. Some small restaurants have switched to a virtual brand, which offer delivery-only service.

4. Utilizing Marketing Management Technology 

A savvy marketing campaign program is key to a successful restaurant brand, and it’s especially crucial during the pandemic. Using marketing software allows small businesses to analyze consumer spending habits and target new customers. Owners can implement a wide range of targeted campaigns through social media, email, websites, and SMS. 

5. Researching Local Business Support and Industry Resources 

Community connections are crucial to a small restaurant’s longevity. Searching local tourist and travel websites can provide a wealth of information, including COVID-19 relief resources and market statistics. Following restaurant supply companies on social media can also alert restaurant owners to exciting new products or sales. 

6. Shopping for Bulk Food and Restaurant Supplies Online 

Restaurant owners and chefs know how time consuming shopping can be, especially when they need quality products on the fly. Partnering with reputable restaurant suppliers that offer online ordering, inventory tracking, and wholesale prices is an excellent way to reduce costs and modernize your grocery and supply purchases. 

Save on Wholesale Products at Our Local Restaurant Supply Store

US Foods CHEF'STORE cares about our restaurant community. That’s why we promise a professional team, convenient locations, and exceptional products at wholesale supply pricing. We also understand the importance of technology in running a successful restaurant. That’s why we offer our own web-based solutions like easy grocery and restaurant supply delivery services that streamline shopping and save you time. 

Looking for resources for menu development, website design, and more? We have a variety of business tools to help you build your brand! If you are looking to increase profits without skimping on quality, let us show you what we offer.


How Small Businesses Owners Use Tech to Connect with Customers

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