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9 Wholesale, Bulk Frozen Foods That Save Restaurants Money

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March 15, 2021

Labor costs are generally one of the highest costs for restaurant owners. One way to help bring those numbers down is to re-think your kitchen prep hours. Having various low-prep ingredients and convenience food for your establishment can help. Purchasing wholesale prepared foods can reduce labor hours and boost profits. What are some benefits of buying bulk foods? Our restaurant supply and bulk wholesale food store shares the benefits of these frozen foods every kitchen should have on hand. 

How Can You Cut Food Costs in Your Restaurant?

Are you wondering how restaurants can save money with frozen foods? Every restaurant’s needs are different because each has its unique concept and signature dishes. However, there are a few tactics every owner can take to improve their profits. First, purchasing menu essentials from a restaurant supply distribution company can help manage your food costs. Second, stocking your freezer with these nine wholesale bulk frozen foods will save your restaurant not only on food costs but on labor as well.

1. Dough 

Frozen dough has a long shelf-life and can be used for everything from mini-tart appetizers to Fish en Croute pies. If your establishment isn’t a full-on bakery, but you want to incorporate intriguing menus that utilize dough, buying frozen can save you on time and ingredients. Some of the best doughs to buy from your wholesale frozen food suppliers are:

  • Bread dough
  • Egg roll wrappers
  • Pizza dough
  • Pre-mixed biscuit dough
  • Puff-pastry
  • Phyllo 

2. Berries 

Fresh berries are great; however, they can be expensive out of season and spoil quickly. Frozen berries last for months, can be used for savory vinaigrettes, folded into pancake batter, even used as a base for fruity cocktails. 

Frozen berries in bulk can be used for a variety of recipes

3. Gluten-Free Bread

Customers love having menu options that consider dietary restrictions. Gluten-free is a major food trend that is here to stay and the market for it is expected to reach $7.9 billion. With more diners giving up gluten, it’s essential to have alternatives available. However, wheat-free orders are unpredictable. If you find yourself having to throw out fresh-baked gluten-free bread often, frozen is the way to go. Use it for more than sandwiches to stretch your dollar. Repurpose it for croutons or grind it for a wheat-less coating for fried chicken, fish, and more. 

4. Wholesale Seafood

Unless your restaurant is right on the coast, seafood like shrimp, crab, and salmon are ideal frozen. For example, king Crab is often frozen at sea, preserving its freshness. This means you get exceptional quality, with the benefit of extended shelf life. Seafood makes for an upscale dinner entree, or use it for gumbos, pasta, and salads. 

5. Edamame 

Plant-based cuisine is booming. Shelled, frozen edamame is vibrant, protein-rich, and versatile. Serve it as a complimentary snack, puree it into silky spreads, or make your own veggie burger

6. Peas

It’s often difficult to find fresh peas and, when you do, they don’t last very long. Your customers will appreciate the health benefits of this plant-based protein and chefs will love the variety of recipes in which they can be used. From couscous with peas and mint to a spring pea soup with leeks and fresh herbs, the menu options are endless.

7. Pasta

If your establishment isn’t known for its house made, hand-cut pasta, then there’s no reason why you can’t buy it frozen. Making pasta dough in-house is time consuming, which drives up labor costs. If you are looking to add a little Italian flair to a lunch special without sacrificing taste, these are your best bets:

  • Ravioli
  • Tortellini
  • Lasagna

8. Dumplings

Street food and world-cuisine are taking over the food scene. Like pasta, dumplings require a considerable amount of labor. If you are looking to capitalize on this restaurant trend, you’ll find frozen dumplings from around the globe at your wholesale restaurant supply store, from pierogi to shumai to gyoza. 

Frozen dumplings are great to use for appetizers in restaurants

9. Kids’ Menu Staples

If you have a children’s menu at your establishment, there’s no need to pay extra labor for scratch-made items. Save big on kids’ favorites with pre-made frozen foods. Depending on your overall menu concept, we recommend:

  • Chicken strips
  • French fries, onion rings, tater tots
  • Mini-corn dogs
  • Individual pizzas
  • Pre-made meatballs
  • Chicken wings

For an extra tip on how to cut food costs in restaurants, we recommended purchasing some of the above items for happy hour dishes or fried appetizers.

Save on Restaurant Costs with BUlk Wholesale Food Distributors

Meet your bottom line with quality, frozen products from US Foods CHEF'STORE. Whether you are looking for flash-frozen seafood, easy baking solutions, or kid-friendly eats, CHEF'STORE provides premium products at competitive prices at our bulk grocery stores. Visit us today and see why restaurant owners choose us for all their food and kitchen supply needs. 

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